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SimHQ Interview - Oleg Discusses What's Next

Doug: Do either of you care to comment about the new console title, Birds of Prey?

IIya: Oleg has very limited contact with BoP developers, but I have more of a working relationship with the guys at Gaijin Entertainment. They are an incredibly dedicated team and I know they’re very excited about bringing IL-2 to new platforms. They have a very difficult task at hand, as IL-2scomplexity is not ideally suited for consoles. I’m confident they’ll do a heck of a job however, and I personally plan to get the game the day it comes out. I really hope it’ll be very successful in introducing a whole new demographic to flight simulation.

Doug: Have either of you flown DCS: Black Shark and what were your impressions?

Ilya: I don’t think it’s quite fair for us to publicly comment on other people’s work. As it happens, every flight sim developer lately talks about IL-2 one way or another, about how IL-2 does this or that, and how they can do better. Their reviews and sales numbers are the real measure of their success.

Final quality and success of the Storm of War titles should really be the only acceptable answer to this or similar questions. Talk is cheap, and the proof is in the pudding.

Doug: We know the Korea jet sim is on hold while the dev team works on Storm of War, but can you offer any more comments on it?

"Korea was envisioned from the start as the number two in the Storm of War series..."IIya: Korea was envisioned from the start as the number two in the Storm of Warseries, to be developed in tandem. However, as we realized that developing theStorm of War engine was to be an enormous undertaking, it became clear that tandem development was counter-productive at this stage. Things are always fluid in development, and working on two projects at once makes things just too fluid. So that’s why we decided to concentrate on first moving Storm of War: Battle of Britainforward together, and only switching over to Korea afterwards. Korean development wasn’t put on hold as much as moved into the background.

I really can’t offer more concrete details at this time, except to say that I’m extremely excited about Storm of War: Korea. I’m a huge fan of Korean-era aircraft, and I’ve been really fortunate to sit in a few original cockpits and speak to many Korean War veterans. Working on this installment has been very personally rewarding for me, and I hope it shows through in the end product.


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