A Modder’s Diary – Episode I: The Terrain

A Journey Into The Heart of Darkness
Or, “I Swear to God, Honey, I’ll Spend More Time With The Kids… Honest…!”

by Chuck “PFunk” Bellows


Episode I: The Terrain

Earlier in the year, I reviewed the latest release from Third Wire Productions, Wings Over Israel. I’m one of those out-of-the box kind of people who want their gaming purchases to do what it was intended for from the time I install it. I’ve been that way since Jane’s F-15, when I realized that even with the easiest set of training wheels on it, and me half in the bag with about three Guiness’ worth of alcohol in my system, there was more content there than I could ever hope to master.

Man, that’s big!

Man, that’s big!

So, color me indolent and lackadaisical when I pick up a software title and haven’t the slightest intention of doing anything more mentally taxing than clicking “Install” and pressing on. If I wanted to think about my hobby, I’d be one of those smarmy little bastards in Starbucks with a Sudoku book in one hand and Tibetan prayer beads in the other.

Which was pretty much the standpoint I reviewed the software from in February. I compiled my thoughts (which took about as much time as it does for me to head to the fridge for another beer), edited my screenshots, zipped it into a file, clicked “Send” on my email to Doug, and opened yet another email informing me that neither Presidential candidate running for office was born in the United States and so we should be marching on DC with torches and pitchforks.

I was expecting the usual adulation.

I didn’t get it.

What I got was one long shower of crap about how I completely ignored the contributions of the community that makes the Third Wire series of flight sims what it is, the modding community.

I was devastated… so I opened another beer.

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