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Flight Impressions: Multiplayer

Being a release candidate, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve flown many *missions* in multiplayer and as most of you multiplayers know, you spend more time getting everybody on the same sheet of music, crashing to the desktop, and other moments of turmoil before finally getting the birds in the air. Basically, you spend more time not flying than flying! Well, not the case here! We (comrade “guodmoski” and I) were able to find a server, pick a position, aircraft and fly!

Let’s take a look at how easy and straight forward it is.

First, select DCS Black Shark Multiplayer shortcut…

Select Multplayer

After selecting Multiplayer you’ll be presented with a GUI that looks like this…

DCS: Black Shark Multiplayer main menu

You’ll select your Options menu to assign your call sign and connection speed…

Callsign and connection speed

Once you’ve selected your call sign and network speed select OK. You’ll then be back to the multiplayer GUI.

As a client, and looking for a flight, press “Client”. Stop! Get your finger off the screen, that’s not going to do anything. With your mouse (or in my case a CH Products TrackBall) click on “OK”, okay?

[editor’s note: okay Ken, you got your plug into the text]

After pressing “Client” you’ll be presented with a list of servers…

List of servers

Click on the refresh button to get a more detailed explanation of the Mission Name, Players, Game Name and Ping.

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$40.0 WESTACH 2-1/4 SQUARE AMMETER -30-0-+30 NON TSO picture
Piper PA-23 Ammeter Switch P/N 31269-000 NOS (1120-377)
$373.25 Piper PA-23 Ammeter Switch P/N 31269-000 NOS (1120-377) picture
Mitchell Ammeter, P/N: D1-211-5106
$49.99 Mitchell Ammeter, P/N: D1-211-5106 picture
Ammeter Shunt, 800 Amp, 50 Mv
$20.0 Ammeter Shunt, 800 Amp, 50 Mv picture
Aircraft Ammeter
$20.0 Aircraft Ammeter picture

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