DCS: Black Shark English Version – Part 5

More on Controllers in DCS: Black Shark

by Ken “531 Ghost” King

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Ken is a hardware and software beta tester for CH Products. No compensation to SimHQ has been paid by CH Products for the use of their name in this article. Competing HOTAS producers and users are most welcome to contribute an article reflecting the use of their control systems in DCS: Black Shark. Please contact me if you are interested.   – “guod

DCSControl Mapping in DCS: Black Shark

I discussed the controllers setup of DCS: Black Shark here in Part 1 of the review series, but let’s take a further look at the subject.

DCS: Black Shark has its own, in game control mapping available for your Direct X button and axis mapping. To do this I had to create a profile in Control Manager:

Control Mapping in DCS: Black Shark

I then assigned a Command File (for my MFP).

Control Mapping in DCS: Black Shark

I left the rest of my FighterStick, ProThrottle, Throttle Quadrant and ProPedals buttons and axis mapped to their default settings in Control Manager. I saved the .map, downloaded it and exited Control Manager.

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