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Wish Lists

Q: Since we’re sim fanatics and never satisfied, any chance we will see a “pause” ability (such as Falcon 4 has) where you can adjust the targeting and other systems? Having the ability to manipulate the “buttonology” for a brief period of time to assist in learning the complex sub-systems while maintaining a live battlefront would be very beneficial.

A: Yes, this is quite possible in a later project. In fact, we have already provided such a feature in one our military-customer projects.

Q: There are always goodies that a developer has to leave on the table that are not included in the final version. Any hints what we might see added in early updates?

A: Most of the items we first want to flesh-out are improved ground AI. We’ve already been working on ground unit scattering when under attack and using smoke grenades. We intend for the ground units to be less cooperative when trying to be killed.


Q: A few questions on distribution and copy protection. During our review testing, SimHQ encountered no problems or issues with the installation or un-installation of our reviewer’s version which arrived with the latest StarForce. When the English version first arrives, has there been a decision yet about the copy protection to be used?

A: The English version will use the same projection as the Russian version. However, unlike the Russian version, consumers of the English version will have 8 activations and 10 deactivations… considerably more than the Russian version.

Q: Will the English version be downloadable?

A: Yes, we will release DCS: Black Shark both digitally from the Eagle Dynamics web site and a boxed version in retail stores.

Q: How about for the retail shelf version — still February 2009?

A: Probably, we plan to release the boxed version sometime in the first quarter of 2009. However, after we provide the gold code to our distributors, the exact release date is out of our hands and is up to the distributors and retail buyers.

Q: Any word yet on the possible Steam version?

A: It is still quite possible as an alternate distribution method and we are in active communication with Valve.

Q: The big question! When will the simulation community be able to get their hands on the English version of DCS: Black Shark?

A: Now! Take a look here.

Q: One final question Matt. Are there any “Easter Eggs” in DCS: Black Shark? We think we saw one while flying in the mission, “Altitude” of the Flying Legends Indian Chief.

A: Oh, there may very well be, but the most fun part about finding an egg is stumbling across it rather than a staff employee giving it away. 

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