Over Flanders Fields Phase 3: Between Heaven and Hell

by Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad



While better known as a motorsports enthusiast, I confess to also being an avid flight simmer with a passion especially for World War I aviation history. Following my interest in that era of flight, I recently talked with the developers of Over Flanders Fields, also known as “OFF”, the just-released WWI total conversion for Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 3. Here is my interview with OFF team representative, Mark “Polovski” Rogers.

Over Flanders FieldsJens: I’ve been following the project since Phase 1, released in December 2005. In March 2007 you released Phase 2 and you just released Phase 3. Clearly this conversion is a labor of love on the team’s part, could you please start by introducing the team, the members, their main functions in the team, and tell me a bit more about your motivations for working on this project for such a prolonged period of time?

Mark: Well, I think I can safely say that everyone involved on the team (including past members) are doing this for the love of the historic period, WWI in the air, and their respect for those pilots. Several members are from SWWISA one of the key “modding” communities for the now legendary “Red Baron 3D”.

Core Team Members of OBD Software and work load (we all do research too):

Mark “Winding Man” Andrews
Lead Design and Concept, Terrain & Scenery, 3D Models, Weather, Sound, User Interface, OFF Manager, Database, Flight Models, Damage Modeling, Software Packaging

Mark “Polovski” Rogers
3D Aircraft Models, Flight Models, Damage Models, OFF Manager of the Artwork, Artwork, Voice Acting, Game Footage Movies, and Web Site

Ted “Shredward” Harrity
Historical Squadron Database, Historical Research Data and Collation

Arto “Paarma” Karttunen
German Aircraft Skins

Terry “Makai” Kirby
German and Allied Aircraft Skins

Tom “RexHannover” Milligan
Software Code Expert
(Including the stunning AI Improvements, Software Packaging and the Installer)

Mike “Sandbagger” Norris
Allied Aircraft Skins

Paul “Nod” Norris
3D Aircraft Models and 3D Ground Unit Models

James “OvS” Romano
German and Allied Aircraft, Skins, Sounds, and Web Site
James is a former producer of “Hells Angels” mod for Red Baron 3D, SWWISA member

Rob “Capt.Winters” Stevenson
3D Models, User Interface Textures, New Manuals, Allied Aircraft Skins

There are many other contributors and special contributors that made it possible too, and former members like Rob “Rabu” Hoag. Too many to mention here but we thank them all, and we have published full credits in the main manager and on the web site.

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$40.0 MS9451-13 BOLT WITH CERT picture
31B1043-01 Bolt With CERT
$400.0 31B1043-01 Bolt With CERT picture
Air Frame Bolts; BACB30NR519; 350ct
$89.99 Air Frame Bolts; BACB30NR519; 350ct picture
Lot of AN44 5/16” Eye Bolts, 1/4” Hole, 7/16” Grip Length, 15/16” Nominal Length
$10.0 Lot of AN44 5/16” Eye Bolts, 1/4” Hole, 7/16” Grip Length, 15/16” Nominal Length picture
Bell 47 (2) Main Rotor Yokes with Blade Bolts
$775.0 Bell 47 (2)  Main Rotor Yokes with Blade Bolts picture

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