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Doug: Is there a dedicated server capability?

Kirill: Maybe we will add this in the future if it is requested by players. For now we are more focused on other features — like co-op, for example.

Doug: Can the VoIP be turned-off in multiplayer so players can use Ventrillo or TeamSpeak?

Kirill: Of course.

Doug: Will the Simulation mode be available in all types of multiplayer?

Kirill: Of course.

Registration and Copy-protection

Doug: Can you tell us any more about how the planned DLC will be made available?

Kirill: Via Yuplay digital distribution service. Players will get information in-game, and will be able to make instant in-game purchase.

Doug: What copy protection and software will be employed in Wings of Prey?

Kirill: This is still to be decided. Depends on different things, but in any case there will be server authorization for multiplayer sessions.


Doug: Do you plan a downloadable version?

Kirill: Yes. You can pre-order the digital distribution now through Yuplay. But there will also be disk releases, at least in some countries with poor Internet connections.

Doug: Will the versions for Russia, Europe, and North America be identical in content except for language localization?

Kirill: For sure.

Wings of Prey


Doug: You mention support for Saitek and Thrustmaster joysticks in your product announcement. How about Logitech and CH Products?

Kirill: In fact we are supporting any flight stick in our game. We just mention that we have default bindings presets for some Saitek and Thrustmaster joysticks. CH Products, Logitech and Microsoft joysticks work with Wings of Prey with no problems.

Doug: Do you plan to provide your own support forums?

Kirill: Yes, we already have opened “Wings of Prey” forum on Yuplay. But we are going to give information updates in the new SimHQ Wings of Prey forum too.

Doug: What version of Direct X is it optimized for?

Kirill: Direct X 9, 10 and 11 (but without exclusive visual effects for 10 or 11).

Doug: Is it optimized for Windows 7?

Kirill: It works fine on Windows 7.

Doug: Does Wings of Prey benefit from multiple-core processors?

Kirill: Yes, dual core processor is the best.

Doug: Does it benefit from more than 2 GB of RAM?

Kirill: The game is optimized for 2 GB RAM, but on ultrahigh resolution level, 3 GB can be useful sometimes (when you have some other programs loaded in background or when grabbing video from the game).

Doug: Does Wings of Prey benefit from a video card with more than 256 MB of video RAM?

Kirill: Ultrahigh detail level is available only on more then 1 GB video RAM.

Doug: Thank you Kirill for taking the time to answer all these questions. Let us know when you go gold with Wings of Prey.

Kirill: Thank you. We will.

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