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guod: How about multiplayer version integrity protection? Has the version checker been changed to better keep players one the same level? Enforcing versions and the ability to keep out (or let in) modded versions is important to us.

Oleg: Daidalos is not going to implement any new changes in terms of online protection. They have the ability to do so, but it is not in our scope of work now. The version integrity protection will be the same as in 4.09 beta.

guod: The 4.0 FM was a taste of the goodness that SoW: BoB will bring, and was almost universally praised by the community. Was anything added from the beta based on what’s been learned and accomplished on the work with 4.09?

Oleg: No, the original 4.0 FM or DM was not touched. Daidalos did not to modify the existing code. They have programmed and thoroughly tested FM/DM for the new planes only.

guod: Were any ground objects added or improved from the beta?

Oleg: Daidalos improved one ground object that was not programmed up to its full potential before. It was the Soviet MBV-2 armored dresine. Now it has all the guns working properly. It’s a small battleship on rails. 🙂 All those 100+ buildings  introduced in 4.09 beta will be the same.

guod: How does it feel to officially end work on the IL-2 series?

Oleg: Daidalos would like to continue support IL-2 development further and release free add-ons in a closed/protected format in the same or similar way they were released for many years by the official developer of the simulation, Maddox Games. They would like to focus on quality, improved game play and specific theaters/periods of war for our future work. 2 Team Daidalos members are involved in SoW development at the moment.

guod: Was it like saying goodbye to an old friend, or more like a long time girlfriend that would never never let go?

Oleg: No, it feels just like when you live with someone for 6-7 years, now you marry her to make the official commitment/statement, and then when the honeymoon is over the real work begins. So in other words, we got married about 8 months ago. 🙂 Until SoW is finished and starts to expand into those theaters IL-2 covers now, we would like to continue adding new limited content to this sim. Daidalos has already begun to work on a new add-on to complement the 4.09 release. So we are not saying goodbye yet.

guod: Were any “build forward” features brought into the final 4.09?

Oleg: No, we did not discover any new things to be “unlocked” in the original game engine. However, we have been able to program new features ourselves that could enhance the offline/online game play of the sim. We believe this could be more appealing to IL-2 community than introducing new planes and maps.

guod: What is the one thing you wished your team could have implemented in the IL-2 Series that just never happened?

Martin: There are several things we have been considering for v4.09 on top of the content that is listed previously. We have evaluated the impact that some new planned features could have on the game and we decided to play the “safe card” with v4.09 and take more time refining/testing these new features before they are released to public.

To be more specific, as you can see in the videos, we have been able to develop a working airborne radar, improved joystick control interface + dual throttle control, and automatic triggers effecting all AI units in the sim.

Bf-110 Nightfighter Radar

GUI Setup Changes

The triggers can be activated based on events (AlertMode) on the ground or in the air. For example, if you fail to locate and destroy an enemy recon plane, it may trigger a ground unit attack or send a bomber formation from the closest airfield to destroy the target. Or if you (or your friendly AI planes) approach an enemy airfield, planes will scramble to attack you.

Triggers – Desert Scenario

Triggers – Recon Plane and Artillery Units

All these features are still works-in-progress and once finished, they could open new possibilities how to make the offline as well as online game play more dynamic and interesting.

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