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guod: One of the things everyone wants to know is, when does the new Career Mode arrive?

Jason: Well, this is one issue that has been a hot topic for over a year and we have been listening and watching the flames and critiques carefully. We have also been watching what Pat Wilson has done and the public’s response to it. We have also spoken to Pat and he has given us his code. However, his code is not in a language we use, but we are looking at it anyway. We probably won’t use his actual code, but Pat has an open invitation to contribute to our Career Mode efforts in whatever way possible, assuming he has the time. And let it be known that we very much appreciate his efforts so far in helping improve the ROF experience. He is a super nice guy and only wants to improve ROF. We will continue to talk with Pat in the future and hopefully he has the time and motivation to assist us as we continue working on the new Career Mode. We have also studied other simulations and seen what they have done. So, we are working on our own solution to this issue and we have made great strides in creating it. This was a big job and it’s not done yet, but we’re getting there. It should be much improved over the current Career options and be more to single player users liking. The new Career Mode will include some RPG elements and more random and realistic happenings in the missions.

Albert: ROF is developed as the platform, as we said immediately after the release last year. And now we complement its design, it is an evolutionary form of development which gives us time to make new elements of the highest quality. The first element the community asked for was the Quick Mission Editor. We listened and created it for you. All the mechanisms that were needed were already in the game since its release, so we needed to only produce the packaging and testing. Next has asked for new opportunities for online games. We decided to offer two additional game modes. Now we have started work on the game mode for the largest part of the flight sim community, single players.

The new Career Mode contains all the basic things which you are accustomed to in the air combat sim genre. You choose your regiment, the date of commencement of service, and have your fate decided in a chain of events that is created by the mission generator. But in this new mode, you get a lot more. The pilots of your squadron will receive names, and same as you do, they fight for the headlines while they rise in rank and skill. Sometimes you will receive the next issue of the “World News” (our newspaper) in which reports will be the most “fresh” (of course for the 1916-1918 year) on technology, science, world events — and on “the front”.

The New Rise of Flight Career Mode
The New Rise of Flight Career Mode
The New Rise of Flight Career Mode
The New Rise of Flight Career Mode

Of course, every edition has a list of the best aces in the world. When you become a commander, you are able to assign pilots to flights, choose the composition of the aircraft, and the most important route. Until then, the world will be filled with different random events. Flying past the enemy airfield can cause several planes to take-off to try and intercept you in the skies. And there are enemy patrols and on the ground anti-aircraft guns. The summary of intelligence will give you the opportunity to study the situation and see what allies or the enemy are at a nearby airfield. The same report will tell you briefly about the historical situation at the front, the battle of the Marne and Ypres. The battle of Verdun. If the front receives a new type of aircraft, and your squadron has already received several of them, you can immediately start using them. If this type of aircraft has not yet been purchased, the system will offer to purchase it. Otherwise, you can only install this type for your digital companions. The number of aircraft coming into your field is often limited. You have to take care of the aircraft if you want to use them in missions. But some types of planes for your squadron will be available in large quantities. And of course the interface will provide data on your pilot, the success of your squadron, its current location and base, new pilots and events. Generally, anything that creates an information background time. Your results will be rewarded with new titles, features, awards. You will be able to compare your pilots account of victories with the score of great historical aces — or other ROF players. I think it will be very exciting. There is more. I just cannot cover everything here, but we will continue the story about this new game mode in the news and publications in the blog.

guod: Sounds like a lot is in there! The Career Mode looks like its far along in development. Are you guys ready to set a release date?

Jason: It’s still in development, but we hope to have it ready sometime this November. We have a lot of testing and mission building to do before it can be released.

Albert: The establishment of this game mode involves the collection of a very large amount of information about the pilots and their squadrons as well as historical events and stages of the Great War. Once this huge amount of information has been collected and processed, our testers will have to commit thousands of sorties to find and correct inaccuracies or errors. We hope to start tests in the fall, and if all goes well, then you can start flying. We will report on our requests for information and hope that you will respond, and together we will make this game mode is very interesting and eventful.

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