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guod: Are we getting any new single-seaters?

Jason: Yes, the Sopwith Pup and Triplehound should be ready around October 1st. Then after that, we do not know which single-seaters we will make.

Albert: These two machines are already in progress. Once we decide on the next plane, I always look for your opinion on the forum. And I’m always very pleased to know that our views coincide. These machines fill an important niche and make the mission more diverse.

Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplehound
Sopwith Triplehound

guod: Speaking of models, when will the SDK be available?

Jason: Good question. Unfortunately, the SDK development is at a crossroads. We have not had the time or resources to devote to it so it is not ready for the public. However, we recognize the desire and need to involve members of the community in creating new content. There is no way we can make every single plane, object and map the community wants or existed in real life ourselves. So, we are going to take some tentative steps very soon to work with a select group of 3rd party modelers and test the process of making new models for ROF. These first models will probably be payware as they are used to help us design the model making process for the community and the modelers should be compensated for their trail-blazing efforts. Once the process and needed documents are nailed down we can open it up to more folks. We also have the added problem of most of our internal documents used to manage things like model making are in Russian and not English and we have to translate first. These are technical documents and Google translate will not be enough. We are going to manage this process closely until we feel comfortable that any moderately talented modeler can add stuff to ROF successfully. Such a process could really implode and cause many headaches if we release anything that is confusing to modelers. I remember what chaos it was during the big Pacific Fighters 3rd Party development phase and I don’t want that to occur with ROF. However, increasing 3rd party involvement and content is definitely our goal. Just as it has always has been.

Albert: Creating documentation is an important part of the development process. These documents are used by us and our partners, this allows us to move forward as quickly (every month a new aircraft or technology). But now the primary language of documentation Russian, and we need to perform high-quality translation of texts, which abound in technical terms. I agree with Jason that we should carefully think over. What no one hour of your work need not be lost but was most effective. I myself am very much looking forward to when the world begins to replenish ROF content made by you. We tried to create a modular ROF, that would be easy to change it something of tools for expression of artists, too, is enough.

guod: Speaking of maps, when will we see some new ones?

Jason: Additional maps are a lower priority right now, but like plane models we hope to work with interested 3rd Parties soon on new maps as part of our community outreach efforts. Again, documents need to be translated and experienced individuals need to be recruited to help first.

Albert: Creating a map is not a mechanical process. It requires not only technical knowledge but also art, as well as care in finding information. After the publication of the SDK you can of course create your own maps. We will focus on technologies that will give new tools and capabilities. In one of the few additions we will change the module that creates a surface for you, and it will give the opportunity to create very beautiful mountain ranges. I know that the mountains are needed to create several historical maps of the period that might be interesting, but I hope to see and network maps with the landscape, created specifically for the spectacular battles or operations. I think that maybe you’ll see and maps made by our artists, we have interesting ideas. I like to Digital Nature visualizing Autumn, very nice.

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