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“Good morning my hunters, how are we today?”

“Just another day in paradise Comrade Major.” Dimitri’s replied, somewhat tired. He was somewhat annoyed with the Major. I was too, but I was more politic about it.

“I am doing well sir, somewhat tired.”

“Good good, I myself have come from the gym. I have been lazy too long.”

I caught a look from Dimitri, and strained to not laugh. I was not noticed, that was good. He continued on.

“Today we have another mission, or a set of missions to perform later on today. I will brief you at 1600 today. By that time you both can give me the status of your aircraft, da?”

“Da.” Dimitri and I replied in unison.

“Good, I will see you then.”

He stood up, then walked to the mess hall line. I nodded to Dimitri, and he nodded back. Time to leave. We both dumped our trays into the trash can, and promptly left. For us to have separate missions was interesting. Perhaps we finally work together? We have not worked together on most missions, the schedule not permitting us to do that. However, we could always work alone. That is how we worked anyway. Me and Dimitri, as you see, do not have problems getting along. But we are in a sense loners, able to work alone, and considering our unit’s mission, it was absolutely necessary. However, we have trained together prior to coming out here, so we can immediately work as a team as necessary. Tonight may be a test of that. We both got in our vehicles, and headed to the barracks to start another possibly long day ahead of us. I myself had not much to work on, except maybe to verify any problems associated with a modern combat aircraft. I returned to my room, and freshened up. It was only 0800, and Sgt. Gennedy showed up routinely at 0900 to start work. Since this was a day in which a mission was expected, I only had to come by and check on the status of his progress. I had not many errands to do. The life of an officer is good nyet? I did have to go and check the enemy forces status, but that was good after a nap.

I let the other details come together when it was mission planning time. I had to inventory my munitions myself, just to make sure I had enough for tonight. I consulted my log book since it was in my mind. I had four Kh-29Ls ready to be used, along with two Kh-31ps. The resupply stores could come in today, as expected. Since there were not many Russian aircraft that used such ordnance at this base, a resupply flight was scheduled every four days. This was the fifth day, and Major Grachev verified it should come in today. I will believe it of course when the munitions are being off-loaded.

Air-to-air ordnance was limited to six AIM-120s, which two were already on my aircraft. I preferred the American missile on my wingtips. It reminded me of the F-16, with it’s ability to carry the same missile on it’s wingtips. I went back to my native country with the R-77s right next to them. I could mount R-73s, but most of my engagements have stayed BVR. Yet I have to use them, or I may end up not being able to use them! So I will change the missiles out. Free fall gravity bombs came directly from the munitions stores here, so supply was not an issue. I had most of the ordnance in their transport containers stacked in the hangar. I did not like this, but in some cases you have no choice when you must use a limited number of stores for missions. I checked and had some Kh-25MPs ready to use. I had six of those, and I would use those. I have had no engagement with any SAMs except for HAWK and Kub systems. However, I prefer the range advantage the Kh-31ps give me, and have of course used them a lot. Therefore I will use the Kh-25MPs, just to say I had. Then again, a Kh-31p is a waste against a Shilka. If they designed a smaller anti-radiation system, then I would use that. I will consult with the technicians about using ALARM. However, I do not think I will have the advantage the British do. I have heard of this AGM-122, which is a Sidewinder, but is an anti-radiation missile. This would be perfect against the Shilka, and other smaller vehicles, such as against the Roland. Yes comrades, I study all aspects of warfare, even friendly. Chechnya is a good example comrades of former allies becoming enemies.

All that thinking, and I managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up around 1100, and sat up, and contemplated what I must do. Ah! I had to pick up some Intel assessments, but I must go in flight uniform. My clearance allows me this in place of Major Grachev, or even Dimitri can pick them up, but knowing him, he probably will not be able to.

There is a female in the Intelligence section, a US Air Force one, that probably would not make a good wife but a good partner in bed. I have nothing else to think of, so yes comrades, I will have lurid ones, just to keep myself busy, at least in my mind. I chose not to, since no doubt by now Major Grachev would have, it is that time. So I will visit the hangar, and check on the status of my aircraft. That is more appropriate to what must be accomplished. That is the difference between this unit and other units. We get bored. Missions is what keeps us alive, and busy. If we are not busy, we are bored, and perform maintenance. Comrades, do not think that maintenance is not good, but after awhile, you must ensure that the aircraft is in top shape by doing…. da, missions. So I freshened up, changed clothing and went to the hangar where my aircraft was.

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