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Mark: Which campaigns will be available with Ostfront?

Ian: Murmansk:

  • Soviet Navy Fighter
  • Soviet Navy Sturmoviks (uses Chaikas, Hurribombers, A-20 and P-47’s as well as IL-2)
  • Soviet Army Fighter
  • Soviet Army Sturmovik
  • Soviet Recon (new career type)
  • Royal Air Force 151 Wing
  • Luftwaffe Bomber/Torpedobomber (new career type)
  • Luftwaffe Stuka
  • Luftwaffe Fighter
  • Luftwaffe Zerstörer (Bf-110)
  • Luftwaffe JaBo


  • Soviet KBF Fighter (mostly Lavochkins)
  • Soviet KBF Sturmovik
  • Soviet KBF Bomber (A-20)
  • Soviet ADD Bomber (B-25)
  • Soviet Army Fighter – Yak Regiments
  • Soviet Army Sturmovik
  • Soviet Army Fighter – Cobra Regiments
  • French NN Fighter
  • Luftwaffe JG54
  • Luftwaffe JG51
  • Luftwaffe SG3 – Fw-190F-8
  • Luftwaffe SG3 – Ju-87


  • Hs-123 (uses Cr.42 in ground-attack role with excellent skins by vpmedia)

Mark: Why did you add the Hs-123 campaign?

Ian: Firstly I’ve always enjoyed ground attack missions. Secondly it’s slow and that’s more my pace — I’m always turning down time acceleration in faster planes only to discover to my surprise I had already been on normal time. Thirdly I’m odd — I’m the kind of person who would fly a Po-2 campaign and this isn’t too far off that.

Yak - Kurland

Mark: Will some of the campaigns progress to the point of moving your squad to other fronts such as to Leningrad?

Ian: No — both maps see the war end there. Kurland ends in May 1945 anyway and the units in Murmansk were by and large not relocated.

Mark: What can you tell us about the skins in this add-on?

Ian: 1. They are fantastic and the work of the better skin artists in our community. 2. They add such a lot to the game – instead of blank generic skins we have skins representing the units that fought in the campaigns. 3. You can never be sure that a Yak-9M, for example, is a Yak-9M from the skin alone. You might be up against a different IAP as the months go by and their aircraft are marked differently. And ditto for the Yak-9D, Yak-9T, Yak-9U and so on. You really need to look carefully — you can no longer simply identify aircraft by their skins.

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