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You must learn a good deal before you can use all the “mods” effectively. Most can be found in one place:Tally- Ho, the EAW library kept by Mike “Sandbagger” Norris and the EAW Community exchange informationhere at the SimHQ EAW Forum.

The EAW community is friendly and quick to offer advice and help and commiserate when it doesn’t work. “Mr. Jelly’s” OAW and OAW Unified make it a “click and change” snap to switch aircraft and go from Russia to the Pacific in seconds. It also saves hard drive space by not having to include the basic CDF files with your new Desert Air War scenario or other scenarios.

As posted in the EAW Forum… You don’t just fly this sim. You create it.

Screenshots and mods by Wallace “Wudpecker” Wood, Erik “Shreck” Brandborg, Ade “Flying Tiger” Kelley, and David “Skylark” Phillips:

–Skylark– pic of the Macchi MC 200.
–Wudpecker– mod of seas and ships wakes.
–Shreck–mod of Lysianski Island, part of the upcoming Midway update with
many islands and shoals.
–Flying Tiger Kelley pic of the Mossie Mayhem.

Carrier takeoff. Pacific-Lysianski Is.
Carrier takeoff.
Pacific – Lysianski Island.
Biplane furball-Jan Tuma aircraft-RAF_Dumo pic He 162 Volksjager
Biplane furball. Jan Tuma’s aircraft,
“RAF_Dumoulin” pic
He 162 Volksjager
Macchi MC 200 over the desert Mossie-Mayhem by "RAF_Dumoulin"
Macchi MC 200 over the desert.
Mossie-Mayhem by “RAF_Dumoulin”
Twin Mustangs--Dumo pic. USAAF-canard answer to Shinden-RAF_Dumo pic.
Twin Mustangs by “RAF_Dumoulin”
USAAF canard answer to Shinden by “RAF_Dumoulin”

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1 EA NOS AMMETER FOR MISC. AIRCRAFT. P/N 2088611-1  picture



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