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Our “First Look” Conclusions

On the whole this package seems very solid. No aberrant behavior, pretty much everything worked as advertised and no CTD’s. That says a lot — especially for those of us who have suffered with a CTD returning home after a successful strike at the enemy’s airfield. Very painful.

The flight model seems very good with performance that non-Viper drivers like us feel is believable. We’d like to see some low level turbulence added at some point and perhaps some nonlinear wind (gusty conditions). The environmental effects are very good and we give the fog a big thumbs up. If we could get rain, thunderstorms and perhaps some winter textures and conditions we’d be grinning fools. The sound effects are great and we really liked the change of pace from the tired sounding ATC gal (you know, the one who used to have snakes in her hair) from South Korea.

The whole Balkan theatre area of operations is very cool. For two guys that have spent an inordinate amount of time over the Korean peninsula, 20mm and Beach are very happy to branch out and explore some new territory. The terrain and textures look great.

The manual is just killer. Someone please publish this thing. You have two sure orders right now.

Aeyes does it again — the cockpits are simply brilliant. No other way to say it. It looks like the quality of the instruments has improved, better air-to-ground radar performance, and we all dig the new combined airspeed indicator and Mach meter. The new night lighting is simply a wonder and welcome. The ability to see the kneeboards at night is one terrific example. Aeyes 3D pit is part of the package and it looks good, matching up to the 2D pit. Sure, it isn’t as crystal clear (nor clickable) as the 2D pit, but it is very functional for dogfighting and padlocking ground targets.

Beach’s TrackIR2 worked very well with the 3D pit; head panning is glass smooth. In the 2D pit, it seems to track your head movement then loads the appropriate 2D panel it thinks you are looking for. Not as good as the 3D, but still workable.

Enemy AI seems to be all around good. Beach went head-to-head with a Su-27 and they stayed in a prolonged turning duel for well over 4 minutes before running his F-16 into the ocean. We knew there was a reason the North Koreans liked Beach and 20mm flying in that war.

We suppose the best way to say it is, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force feels right at home.

We’ve returned to our roots people. It seems the stable F-16 Fighting Falcon sim we’d hoped for many years ago may have finally arrived. It is easy to load and has more depth and features than you can even count. But count them we will, as we continue with our series on this new release.

Watch for Part 2 of our Falcon 4.0: Allied Force Review coming soon.

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System Specs – BeachAV8R

  • Alienware Pentium 4, 3.4GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT PCI Express 256MB
  • CH Flight Yoke and Pro Pedals
  • Saitek X45

System Specs – 20mm

  • Asus P4 / 2.8GHz motherboard
  • 1GB Corsair DDRAM RAM
  • 160GB Seagate HD SATA
  • ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
  • Audigy2 PCI sound card
  • Plextor R/W CD
  • Lite On 16 X DVD
KMD-540 Multi Function Display with tray
$350.0 KMD-540 Multi Function Display with tray picture
Collins avionics display gas cpn 262-2859-070 old new surplus
$125.0 Collins avionics   display gas cpn 262-2859-070 old new  surplus   picture
$175.0 FLIGHT DISPLAYS FD70CV-V picture
Honeywell MD-80 PFD 4056510-903 Primary Flight Display MD-81,82,83,87,88
$3000.0 Honeywell MD-80 PFD 4056510-903 Primary Flight Display MD-81,82,83,87,88 picture

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