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Future Efforts from TSH

The following are planned to be included in future TSH releases using an updated version of the Ultimate Patch (no promises!):

  • NAVFLIR capability when only an ATFLIR is carried, as on the real Superhornet.
  • Bigger HUD fonts, improving legibility at higher resolutions while maintaining the size of MDI text.
  • Keymappings for all UFC touchscreen controls.
  • Keymappings for all other cockpit controls that currently can only be clicked.
  • Support for a second controller’s analogue axes.
  • Support for a second controller’s DirectX button inputs.
  • Support for a third controller’s analogue axes.
  • Analogue axis control of TDC, radar antenna elevation, FLIR contrast, and FLIR brightness.
  • Master-Mode-specific keymappings.
  • Ability to link a mission file with a specific terrain texture (winter, rock, Balkans, etc.).
  • Normal/high executable operating system priority control for compatibility with voice comm programs.
  • Customizable mouse cursor hiding (it can be confusing when using TrackIR).
  • Selection of a wide range of resolutions instead of the limited choice of three that currently exists.

TSH is also currently beta testing two training campaigns simulating real-world activities. Here is a sample from one of the beta readme files:

The IDTC campaign is designed to recreate the experience of a new pilot that is late joining his squadron during an IDTC (interdeployment training cycle). Over the course of approximately 20 missions, this pilot is subjected to an intensive training regimen, flying in all weather conditions and times of day, starting with land-based sorties and eventually joining the squadron aboard the USS George Washington, CVN-73. Squadron Primary Mission Areas emphasized during the campaign are Mobility (MOB), Strike Warfare (STW), Anti-air Warfare (AAW), Amphibious Warfare (AMW), Anti-surface Warfare (ASUW), Mine Warfare (MIW) and Command, Control, Communications (CCC). Mission types include formation flying, precision strike, escort, SEAD, air intercept, and CAS.

This campaign is designed to be as realistic as possible in terms of actual training operations. Thus, the following apply:

You must land after each hop. If you fail to land, you get sent to practice in the airfield pattern or to do more carrier qualifications. You then restart that phase of the training.

  • Targets must be properly IDed at all times.
  • You are not cleared for live munitions on each and every hop; there are restrictions to which you must adhere.
  • You must navigate to avoid off-limits areas (i.e. ranges in use, civilian air traffic, simulated hostile weapons engagement zones, etc.).
  • Some missions have weapons accuracy requirements.
  • Using the TSH Sound Manager, previously unused in-game sounds have been extracted and inserted in missions to simulate enhanced ATC control, range controllers, etc.

Another effort of TSH, farther off in the future, is to release a simplified installer. The current “full-up” install of Jane’s F/A-18 requires a fair bit of time, multiple types of installations, and some concentration. TSH hopes to develop something similar to the Falcon 4 “one click” installer, making the process shorter and less confusing. Perhaps some new game features might be released with this installer. Until then, users will have to rely on the TSH Add-on Installation Guide and the help provided at the TSH and SimHQ Forums.

If anyone out there would like to help the efforts of TSH, the team is looking for new members. If you have skills in 3D modeling, coding, computer artwork, or are simply interested in testing and contributing to TSH efforts, please post at the TSH and SimHQ Forums indicating this. TSH has recently experienced a large resurgence, but its numbers are still small. The more people helping out, the better the end result can be.

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