Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Here’s the initial FAQ and 31 brand new screenshots from the next installment of Microsoft Game Studio’sFlight Simulator franchise. The new flight sim is scheduled for the 2006 holiday season.


Q: When will “Microsoft Flight Simulator X” be available?

A: We are working hard to deliver “Flight Simulator X” in the holiday 2006 timeframe.

Q: What’s new in “Microsoft Flight Simulator X”?

A: Many of the new features in “Flight Simulator X” are based on requests from our loyal community who have provided creative input into our decision process. Therefore, we are excited to bring our fans the most revolutionary addition to the “Flight Simulator” franchise yet. We take full advantage of Windows Vista and the latest Windows gaming hardware to create a beautifully rich and immersive 3D world for aviation fans, young and old, to explore and experience. The new enhancements extend beyond the look and feel of the planet-the advances in graphics will benefit the aircraft as well, and fans will be amazed at the new level of detail in the models and the realistic effects like sun glint off the glass and chrome, reflective paint, and even shaded rivets on the fuselage. For the more gameplay minded, we are adding a new mission-based element to give fans a more objective driven experience with a sense of progression and skill development. We are also improving the multiplayer technology to allow the community to connect in new ways. This is just the beginning and, in the coming months, we look forward to sharing more information about “Flight Simulator X” as we lead up to launch at the end of the year.

Q: Will “Flight Simulator X” require Windows Vista?

A: No. While “Flight Simulator X” will not require Windows Vista, it will be optimized for the latest in Windows gaming hardware and fans will get the best experience by running on Windows Vista.

Q: What type of computer hardware will I need to run “Flight Simulator X”?

A: While we are still determining exact hardware requirements, we do know that it will run on a wide range of configurations because we want to make “Flight Simulator X” accessible to a wide range of fans.

Q: Will “Flight Simulator X” ship on DVD only?

A: Yes, for the first time “Flight Simulator” will ship on DVD only in order to provide the highest level of detail and realism for the product and we do not plan to offer a CD-based version.

Q: Will aircraft from FS2004 be compatible with “Flight Simulator X”?

A: Backward compatibly with existing 3rd party content is and has always been a priority for us, and we attempt to test as many add-ons as possible in order to provide the greatest level of compatibility.

Q: What are the types of aircraft featured in “Flight Simulator X”?

A: We will offer a range of aircraft to support a wide variety of flying experiences and many of the aircraft will be tied to specific mission-based experiences. Our basic fleet is merely the starting point because we are going to make it easier to download additional aircraft created by the many accomplished add-on developers in the community.

Q: How many airports are included in “Flight Simulator X?”

A: We have included more than 24,000 airports in “Flight Simulator X” and the coverage extends to every continent. We also focused a select number of high-detail airports and added a new level of “interactivity” that the add-on community will certainly expand upon.

Q: What new partners or endorsements will “Flight Simulator X” carry?

A: We are not quite ready to shine the spotlight on our new partners and endorsements, but they will be taking center stage in the months leading up to our launch.

Screenshots on Page 2

Piper Seneca Stabilator Trim Actuator Assembly p/n 95990
$100.0 Piper Seneca Stabilator Trim Actuator Assembly p/n 95990 picture
Piper Oil Temp Gage P/N 548-799
$425.0 Piper Oil Temp Gage P/N 548-799 picture
$500.0 CESSNA PIPER 94E99-3 HEATER MOTOR ASSY 94E56-3-NEW picture
Piper Seneca Nose Gear Truss w/ brake resevoir and track p/n 95551-00
$1150.0 Piper Seneca Nose Gear Truss w/ brake resevoir and track p/n 95551-00 picture
Piper Seneca I Rudder Assembly PN 95520-00
$750.0 Piper Seneca I Rudder Assembly PN 95520-00 picture

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