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I have to say that the Wings of Power series comes very close to the mark when we have something like the Real Air Spit in the picture. Another pet peeve of mine when it comes to add-ons is cost. A lot of quality stuff simply is too pricey. I draw the line when add-ons reach about $40 USD. After that I just can’t seem to justify spending that kind of dough for basically what amounts to the cost of another sim. A lot of times there are likely a good bit of freeware which will fit the bill anyway. Wings of Power sits squarely at what I would call a good deal. The price is worth what you get. For $25 USD, you can’t go wrong.

Today we’ll talk about The Wings of Power P-51 Mustang. Arguably one of the finest fighters to come out of WWII and one of my all time favorites behind the F4U Corsair. After downloading my package from the link provided installation was a breeze. Documentation is exceptional and there is ample information for even the more discerning user. Everything is explained in detail with diagrams and screenshots throughout. Nice job on this, it’s often neglected even with some of the more expensive add-ons I’ve seen. Wings of Power is a company with an eye for fairly extreme detail. All of the models are superb both externally and internally. Systems modeling is good and the VC’s for all of their products are top notch.

You get with your package the P-51D and the P-51H models in exhausting detail. Very well done models and textures for seven aircraft with the P-51D and two versions of the P-51H. The fine lines of this thoroughbred are represented very accurately, and as far as I can tell you’re getting the best representation of the Mustang available. For me this is one of the main reasons to buy. The external model has to be good as a lot of us really enjoy the outside view. The textures are also very well done and provide both “dirty” and clean versions of the aircraft. I like how W.O.P included the later version, the P-51H. Although not really historically significant it’s still a well-modeled and interesting aircraft. The animations for the aircraft are great and I found no real flaws in this area with all the doors, actuators, and surfaces moving as they should. Even the radiator door was modeled correctly.

3d modeling is one thing but another area where it’s important to excel is flight modeling. W.O.P has done an excellent job with the Mustang. The aircraft demands respect on the ground, and in the air is a joy to fly, just as the real aircraft must be. I’ve never flown the P-51 in real life but this just “feels” right. It’s very close to real world numbers and I am quite satisfied with how it handles in all regimes of flight. One of the nicer touches is the behavior when you approach a stall. The airframe buffets and shakes and actually gives an aural warning just as you get in real life. The only thing missing here is your chair shaking!

Included in the screenshots are a few with my AI traffic which come as part of the West Malling Airfield included with Real Air’s Spitfire. While I really like this scenery, the awesome thing about it is the Spits dragging around the pattern. It allows hours of really challenging formation work. This is where the Flight modeling on the Wings of Power birds really excels. I’m able to smoothly join and fly good parade formation with my unknowing British friends. This to me says a lot, as there aren’t many aircraft that you can do this smoothly with. It makes this one a real pleasure to pilot.

P-51 P-51
P-51 P-51
P-51 P-51

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