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Tom: A couple of actual Battle of Britain related questions. How will the game actually simulate the differences between the two sides? For example, the British had the advantage of an early warning radar system that was a great equalizer when it came to the superiority of German numbers. Will things like radar be modeled or is this something that is not necessary when you consider the campaign structure?

Oleg: Several Radar types of both sides for that period of WWII are ready and we plan to make AI and player to interact with them.

Tom: Another question concerns the availability of possible upgrades to aircraft or complete new weapons systems. For example, it is fairly well known that 20mm cannon equipped Spitfires were possible in 1940 but due to jamming and other teething problems they didn’t see service until after the battle. Will there be the ability to possibly equip your aircraft with modifications that weren’t part of a unit’s specific TO&E? I specifically want the cigar lighter in Adolf Galland’s Bf 109.

Oleg: About weapon use is too early to ask, but really some new features that were requested by users in the past will be present.

Tom: Will there be any kind of training program for new fliers coming into the game? A minor criticism of the IL-2 series was the learning curve was considered fairly high for novice pilots. Will there be a way to ease newbies into realistic flight?

Oleg: Probably, but we would like to put in a sim more easy arcade settings of difficulty levels. By other words we plan to get it more scalable from novices to pro. However, using the joypad will be anyway impossible.

TomFinal Question. What do you see is the expansion possibilities of this game? One of the biggest assets the IL-2 series had was its ability to cover more than just the Eastern Front. Do you plan on Battle of Britain becoming an expansion simulation the way the original IL-2 did?

Oleg: Yes it is our main goal.

TomThanks a lot for your time and effort on this.

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