Oleg Discusses What’s Next Part 1

We continue our on-going interview series with Oleg Maddox, and learn more about the two new IL-2 Series add-ons “Sturmoviks Over Manchuria” and “IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946”, and a few more details about Storm of War: Battle of Britain.

by the SimHQ Staff


Thank you for meeting with us again Oleg. For this interview we’ve grouped together our questions into major topic areas.

Purchasing and Availability

Q: What are the current projected release dates for the add-ons?

A: Projected for November is a DVD with the entire series up to this point (Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack, Pacific Fighters, Pe-2 Peshka, Sturmoviks over Manchuria, and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946) as well as bonuses like a 450-page Pilot Operating Handbook for our 229 flyable planes; never before published photos of the team; team video; materials about SoW:BoB development; etc. Also planned is to release the latest add-ons separately.

We decided to include on the DVD release the static campaigns of original IL-2 as the most interesting from historical point of view (even the weather was restored in each sortie by known documents). We just checked it and it works okay with the Forgotten Battles engine and AI of Pacific Fighters. The bugs that were there (didn’t load some of the missions) are corrected. In the readme should be just suggestions that you need to begin as a leader (highest rank) and in the difficulty settings you can set to continue if you died in previous message. It is one more bonus. Many players that never had IL-2 original will have the opportunity to evaluate it. And I get the decision which type of campaign to make in BoB and which type to let for third party. Many old players says that old static campaign from IL-2 was way better than generated by dynamic engine. Of course! Because it was done not by no soil generator, but by hands and love to small details.

Q. Will it be available on CD/DVD versus (or as well as) download?

A: DVD with the entire series including latest add-ons (see above) and the two new add-ons available separately as downloads.

Q. Fair or not, many did not (or could not) purchase the Pe-2 expansion simply because it was only available for download using the BoontyBox program or due to the lack of high-speed Internet access (or a credit card).

A: As you saw in my previous answer, we will probably satisfy any group of users.

Q: Likewise, some of us weren’t upset about BoontyBox and liked the convenience of being able to buy and download it. Will we have the option on how to buy it?

A: Yes, FB+AEP+PF and all add-ons on a DVD and the two new add-ons available separately as downloads.

SimHQ Exclusive: Images from the new “Sturmoviks Over Manchuria” add-on


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