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Q: How many new aircraft can we expect to see with each add-on?

A: I will say about each add-on, including Pe-2 separately:

Pe-2: Pe-2 aircraft, previously only available as AI, in this add-on became flyable, with six variants in total

“Sturmoviks over Manchuria”: 8 flyable and 4 AI. IL-10, the successor of IL-2 is a main hero there, however there are American and Japanese aircraft as well flyable and AI.

“IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946”:  All 18 (!) planes are flyable.

Q: What can you tell us about some of the new ground objects in the add-ons?

A: In Pe-2 add-on in total there is 15 new vehicles, armored cars, guns, etc.

In “Sturmoviks over Manchuria” there is no new ground objects except some new buildings for the new maps.

In ” IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946″ there has has been added already 84 new ground objects, including trenches, new tanks, SPA and bunkers! Even a bicycle — with its own transport column! 

All of these new objects are a very good basis for the future third party development of new scenarios for both single and online gameplay. Of course they are present in new campaigns and missions coming with add-ons, especially with 1946.

Q: Are there any limitations in the FB engine that prevented you from creating anything for the new add-ons?

A: Really not. Except modeling of cliffs and rocks (they should be separate objects with altitude and clipping limits itself). And if someone of very experience developers would like to sign with us agreement for support “in flight” IL-2 series for a very long time, then they should work with our source code themselves without good support from our side and to keep strong rules of online compatibility of the series — we are totally busy with BoB development. I’m thinking it is a good chance for someone to be a part of flight sim industry!

Q: Will these add-ons come with an updated version of DGen and/or will they ship with scripted campaigns?

A: The new campaigns are all static. They’re very detailed and deep, with comprehensive briefings that include a lot of dialogue. The content of new campaigns is scripted with the good story line (like in Pe-2 and in the original IL-2 Sturmovik).
DGen will also be updated to the latest version.

Q: How will a fictitious storyline be told for the 1946 add-on? Will it be included within a scripted campaign or via a .pdf file?

A: The story line will be inside the campaign (in texts of briefs), however the alternative history and why it “happened” we will tell in readme of 1946. It’s really too complicated to describe. There are a lot of complicated events that lead up to the Soviet-German war in 1946.

Q: A fun question… Can we get beer kegs as a payload option for the Hurricane in order to simulate the actions on Gibraltar?

A: We can… but in the new sim. I really plan to do it sometime in future. Just for fun… and on Spitfires instead of Hurricanes. 

Remember we had some jokes in IL-2 series? For example, nice damage model of the toilet and ninja on some Japanese ships? In new series we will have more such jokes undocumented and deep inside the features.

However, in the 1946 add-on you will get a “beer-related” ground object.

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