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Q: What influence will the player have on the overall campaign?

A: Do you think that a single pilot can change the outcome of the campaign? Only team work can change the details of campaign outcome, but not the result of the war.

Q: Will there be a possibility of “jumping” from aircraft to aircraft in single-player? Perhaps dive-bombing as a Stuka then jumping into a Messerschmitt to cover the return to base?

A: We are looking for such a feature with arcade settings.

Q: Will bombing missions have an outcome on the campaign?

A: In general Yes. But not against history.

Q: Will knocking out parked aircraft, fuel storage, ammo dumps, etc., have an effect on that airfield’s combat readiness throughout the course of a campaign?

A: Probably.

Q: Will there be a method for the player to determine his impact on the campaign?

A: Promotion. But if to speak about historical point of view, no one single pilot can change the outcome of war. Even such as Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

Q: What role will recon missions play? Can the player make a difference by flying them?

A: Can’t answer it right now.

Q: Will the campaign produce historically accurate missions?

A: Close to historical accuracy in terms how close it is really possible in principle with Dynamic campaign.

Q: Will some British units use 3 plane formations and others 4?

A: Yes it is possible.

Q: Will some British units use a weaver at the back to prevent a surprise attack?

A: Probably I need to know more info to answer this question.

Q: Can object damage be tracked from one mission to the next in a campaign? So Stukas can attack a ship, factory, hangar  or runway that is already damaged? This would be very useful for BoB but even more so for Malta or other campaigns.

A: I think it is partially possible in IL-2 series, isn’t it? In BoB we plan to have it more advanced.


Q: Will there be accurate BoB radio messages like “Hallo Villa Leader, 60 plus approaching, angels 15, vector 110, buster. Watch out for snappers high”Or are you keeping things generic so that add-ons are easier?

A: Don’t think so. We don’t plan to make complex simulator of radio commands instead of flight simulator. We plan to have universal system of pilot’s chatter that will be useful in a series for a long time. And trust me it very hard task that to get it with multi-language support working.

Q: Will we have sounds distinguishable by engine type? Will a Daimler Benz sound different to a Merlin?

A: Yes. And if you can’t hear such differences in Il-2 series then please try to get more better quality sound card and speaker system.

Q: Will we have squadron callsigns, so we know Turban Blue 2 is not the same plane as Villa Blue 2?

A: Probably. But as I told we need to get universal system that will mimics real one system and at the same time be universal for many nations.

Q: Will different flights use different frequencies?

A: Probably. But… there is contradiction, if you are a leader and can command many aircraft at once…

Q: Will we still hear radio chatter between flights that are 200km away?

A: No.

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