Got Game?

OK guys, does this give you any ideas?


Sort of? Got your interest? How about this sequence?

Mona.... ...shoots...
and wins the duel. Mona and her semi-automatic.

Think you got it? OK, dead right!

Women can be dangerous, especially when defending the man they love. And when carrying large bore semi-automatic pistols.

However, this is not about Mona Sax, or Max Payne, who we’ll meet at the end of this piece.

But it might be about the game Max Payne 2. Especially if you play it, enjoy it, would like to share your thoughts with your fellow SimHQ members and write a short review about it, to be published on the site.

Now before you say “but it’s not a simulation!”, wait. I know that. It’s just that we’re going to try something a little different, something that I hope people will enjoy and will want to contribute to.

It’s called Got Game?, and will be a periodic review series. As I said, it will be different in that the subject matter will not be simulation-related, and the writers will generally speaking not be SimHQ Staff, but rather you, our members.

We know that lots of us play lots of games that aren’t sims. Some are action FPS types, like Max Payne 2, or maybe Far Cry, Half Life 2, F.E.A.R., or maybe sports titles like Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden NFL 2005, FIFA Soccer 2005, MMORPG’s, or other genres and titles.

As long as it is for the PC (sorry, no consoles), and it is not otherwise featured at SimHQ, such as some of the military shooters like COD, or BIA, it’s fair game. Pun intended.

All we ask if you would like to write for SimHQ is that you first send guod. Tell us what the specific title is, what your overall take or slant will be, an idea on length and number of screenshots and a general idea on completion date. That way we can keep track of who is doing what, handle scheduling, and make sure no two people are working on the same game. We’ll get back with you and go from there. We do have article criteria and requirements, we’ll let you know about those. But the main one is quality.

And we know that we have some really talented writers in our membership.

So if this sounds like something that might be right up your alley, if you have a few thousand well organized words just floating around looking an outlet, this could be for you!

I hope that a lot of you will take us up on this invitation. Should be interesting to see what you guys are playing when not flying, racing, shooting, or coming up to periscope depth. So think about it and let us know if you’re interested.

I should add that this does not mean we are losing our simulation focus. We will not be adding any game forums that are not simulation titles and this is not a regular feature of SimHQ. As people have ideas and want to write a game review, we’ll be running a piece, otherwise it’s business as usual.

This really is simply a fun thing, a way for members to share their thoughts on games that a lot of us are playing, and a way to involve our members directly in the operations of SimHQ.

We heard you, and we’re taking action on it.

Oh, and here is one last screenshot: Of a bloodied, but game Max Payne, and the lovely, gracious, and well-armed Mona Sax.

I’d say she’s Got Game, wouldn’t you?

I'd say she's Got Game, wouldn't you?

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