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Alas, Poor E3, We Knew Thee Well…

R.I.P. E3Expo. Lost but not forgotten in the annals of gaming history. It was a great chance to meet developers, meet friends, see and try new products, and probably work harder than any of us ever have before without a shovel in-hand. Of course, there’s always this moment to look back on. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be back someday.

And there you have it — the best (and worst) of 2006. And quite a simulation year it was. While we understand that some may disagree with what we think is the “best of the best”, at the end we’re all winners for having so many great options of what to put in (and have around) our computers this past year. The biggest challenge again this year is having enough time to enjoy our hobby!

We will close with one more category, unstated and under recognized, and that is to you, our member community. You’re the best damn forum members on planet Earth. Hats off and a sincere salute to you!


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