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Q&A Session

Here are some questions posted in the forums and my responses.

Q. What’s the mission editor like?

A. None included.

Q. What is your impression of the game play is it just like OFP? How are the cities, are their any good street to street battles?

A. Similar to OFP, but not in the current state. Cities are a lot bigger and more detailed, but no building to building fighting in the press release demo. Street battles would be great in co-op, but the AI in this press release demo is worse than in OFP.

Q. What’s the view distance like? Can you see infantry from miles away like they have said in some press releases?

A. The view distance is better than OFP IMO, you can see enemy infantry hiding, (look at the sniper screenshots for reference). I have it set on about half the capability.

Q. Have they made any changes to the squad command interface?

A. Not complete yet, few included in demo but runs basically the same way as OFP.

Q. How did the chopper handle? Did the Abrams have the commander .50 cal mounted yet? Is the clipping problem with buildings gone? How much of the island could you explore? Sizes of cities?

A. WOW, a lot of questions in that sentence. Chopper controls are not complete, and seemed more difficult to control than in OFP. Nope, didn’t notice a 50 cal on the M1A1 but may be wrong. Very little of the island was available, and just as few cities / towns.

Q. I know it’s just beta, but what is performance like (and what are your specs). And are the vehicle cockpits more interactive (working displays in choppers, hands moving with the steering wheel etc..).

A. See my specs, and it all ran good; I even accidentally had FRAPS recording video during the whole 30 minute campaign and never noticed. Vehicles are not done and very basic at this point.

Q. How’s the AI? Is it better than the AI in OFP?

A. Currently worse than OFP but has promise to be better by release.

Q. Magnum when you have time can you take some good shots of some of the cities. I was also wondering if you can go in most of the buildings.

A. Went to do just that, just for you Turbo, this morning, that’s when I discovered my key, has expired. Sorry.

Q. Magnum, do the optics selections include the TA31RCO by Trijicon? (I just want a decent magnifying optic.)

A. I don’t know, and wow are you a picky gamer. lol.

Q. Ok, excuse me if I missed this, but is the ‘mouse lag’ that was in ofp1 still there? I don’t see it in the videos at all. It was always a little disconcerting for me… Magnum?

A. Nope, no mouse lag here.

Q. I would know your feelings about “sound”… (I’m not much concerned with graphics).

A. Sounds are OK in press release demo, but still very Alpha IMO, also a lot of placeholders I thought.

Q. Has there been any improvement on way building interiors are modeled?

A. Currently worse than OFP, I didn’t see how to get into any building but I may have been wrong.

Q. When will the game be released?

A. The BI Studios web site says 3rd quarter 2006.

Q. Any word on when a Demo, SP or MP, will be released?

A. Sorry, don’t know.

Sorry I can’t answer everyone’s questions. Mostly due to the limits of the press release demo.

In my opinion… reportedly the E3Expo press release demo is 75% complete. I’d say 50%, and that the press release demo represents only 10% of the final product.

Look for my upcoming reports on the full build once it’s available.


System Specs

  • Dell XPS Gen 4
  • Pentium 4 3.75 GHz
  • Radeon 850 XT w/256 MBs of video ram
  • Audigy sound card
  • Broadband Connection
  • Windows Media Edition
  • 1024x768x32@70Hz resolution

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