A Decade of Rainbow Six

One of the Best Tactical Shooter Series Ever Made Celebrated It’s 10th Anniversary Recently

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer


All this information has been gathered either by personal knowledge, online friends, or internet search. As with everything on the Internet there is no guarantee that all information is correct or current. But there is no doubt that this year, 2008, makes it the tenth anniversary of one of the most beloved, most played, and most respected tactical shooter computer games ever made. So for now, let’s remember and salute Tom Clancy, and his series of anti-terrorist squad tactical shooters.


The first Rainbow Six game was developed by Red Storm Entertainment, while the great Tom Clancy was still writing the book with the same title, Rainbow Six. The game became such a hit it spawned a number of sequels and a set of expansion packs for most. Red Storm Entertainment was later taken over by Ubisoft who is the current developer and publisher of the recent Rainbow Six games. And in this writer’s opinion, also the start of the down fall of the Rainbow Six series from a squad tactical shooter to a squad action shooter.

In the beginning Rainbow Six defined the tactical shooter genre forcing players to play with tactics and teamwork, instead of running and gunning. The multiplayer game play became king, and many “clans/groups” formed just because of this type of game play, and many of those groups still exist today, and still play together because of the teamwork and virtual friendships developed with the early Rainbow Six games.

Unfortunately it seems the series has turned more “mainstream” as of late. Games now are first (and third) person shooters that attempt to appeal to a wider, action orientated audience. This is mostly due to the fact that Ubisoft bought out the Tom Clancy owned Red Storm Entertainment development group, and then just recently bought out the use of Tom Clancy’s name. Mr. Tom Clancy also has no more say in what goes in the games released by Ubisoft, but Ubisoft has no problem using his name because it sells.

A decade of Rainbow Six

A decade of Rainbow Six

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