Magnum’s Maggots vs Wepps Worms – The First Battle


Battle Plan – Western Maggot Forces

Magnum had a simple three punch plan:

  • The first was to capture as many nearby cities as possible to get the flow of money going.
  • The second part was to defend the HQ base and locate the enemy base location ASAP.
  • Then finalizing the battle with an all out coordinated assault on the enemy HQ with gunships.

Here is the operational order issued by General Magnum to his Maggot’s:

The following information is classified Top Secret and only for your eyes, and the eyes of your brothers in arms. Do not share or comment on this information till after the battle, June 6th. I am your Commander for the upcoming battle against Wepps Wenches, I mean Worms… you will call me on the battlefield by my combat name “Magnum”. This is to avoid any confusion.

OK… it’s simple. We must win at all cost. There are 2 ways to win: 1) Capture and defend ALL towns. That’s not going to happen in 4 hours 2) Destroy the enemies HQ.

PHASE 1: The first thing we all do is vote me Commander using the “T” key and vote tab (please know how to use this stuff beforehand!) Then as soon as you vote, exit that screen and go off to the nearest towns as fast as possible and capture the forts and the town. Repeat… ASAP on any and all nearby towns, don’t worry about defending them yet. Get the towns captured so supply trucks will start moving.

SUPPLY convoys are the KEY… if they come under attack, defend them ASAP.

As soon as I’m voted commander (1 minute after game starts) I will build a barracks and a light vehicle factory. I will then pack up the Mobile HQ vehicle and get to a safer, more concealed location. I noticed today while testing that if I tried to build too close to water, some of the AI spawned and swam, and never fought in the water. So now I will look for a cluster of buildings, terrain, or heavy brush to conceal the HQ vehicle. I will then immediately begin building up and manning the defensive structures and saving up for the heavy factory and air factor. I don’t care about planes or the airport. Planes are too expensive and my AA will bring down any enemy planes hopefully.

During this time, I am busy… that’s when TWO will take over and start coordinating the town attacks… bring some AI with you, and once you capture a town, you can build / place an AT or AA or machine gun nest there for defense, but then you must order your AI to mount then engage at will… you can leave him there and move on with your other AI…TWO will coordinate that, just make sure you do it fast and place the defenses in a good location, and have it manned by AI.

Feel free to recruit what you want or need infantry wise and vehicle wise for PHASE 1.

PHASE 2: OK… Phase 2 will have you guys out taking towns and defending them, and fighting off the enemy… but during your battles try and find a direction they seem to come from a lot, take note of it… because once we have a AIR factory, I want the fight for the towns to go to the AI… I want all HUMANS to buy a little bird / scout chopper… and immediately go out in a search pattern and locate the enemy HQ… BTW, when you buy your chopper, before boarding make sure you pick up two SATCHEL charges… if you spot the enemy HQ and are not engaged… then find a nice safe place to land, and then MARK the location on the map, it will be too late in the game to move the HQ now, so it should stay there… if you can, sneak up and plant your charges to destroy the enemy HQ with a fast win… but if you fail, no problem… at least you know where it is.

PHASE 3: The final phase… if we haven’t won yet you maggots then you have disappointed me. But at least we now know where the enemy base is… now is the time to buy whatever you want and can afford… a M1 Tank, a Cobra Gunship, or whatever… ALL humans will be moving and attempting to destroy the HQ building… again this is where number TWO… Mini-Mag… Will come in… He will organize the final assault… if everyone hit the HQ at once then the defense will be overwhelmed and fall to the might of MAGNUM’S ARMY… because you will no longer be a maggot.

If during the game those bastards get lucky and find my HQ… I will call “BROKEN ARROW”… this does not mean we are quitting like in our co-op battles… if you hear BROKEN ARROW, then that means the base is under attack and if you are any where nearby, get there ASAP to repeal the eastern scum… after we push them back, you can continue with your mission… and I may move the HQ vehicle anyway… because if they have artillery they may try to win that way… I will not waste my time with artillery just because of the cost and the bugs… we will spend our money on GUNSHIPS and in force move in and destroy their HQ.

Good luck you Maggots. Any questions or suggestions feel free to post in this private message (not in the regular forum).

If you have read and understand this mission order please reply in this thread with ROGER… if you don’t reply I will be replacing you. SimHQ Feature -It's WARFARE! in the Armed Assault Update

BTW… I will be performing deceptive combat operations in the ArmA forum… DO NOT take what I say in the forum as our plan… our plan is this one… but feel free to play along to sell the other plan to the enemy who may read… just don’t overdo it.


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