Magnum’s Maggots vs Wepps Worms – The First Battle


Battle Plan – Eastern Worm Forces

Here is the operational order issued by General Wepps to the Worm Forces:

Roles (for the first half-hour)

Biff / Wepps_Jr / xRok / VonBarb: Move to nearest town and quickly capture. If vehicles are available, take them. Don’t worry about recruiting yet. The four of you should be able to handle the resistance forces.

Dec: Take a hummer and head out, start looking for their base and supply lines. If you need money, let us know.

Nixer / Qutlass: Drive supply trucks to newly captured town for early money boost. This will go on for about half an hour or until I feel we have enough funds.

Wepps: After a light factory and barrracks are constructed, Mobile HQ will move out to captured town, build structures and defense. I will return to the first HQ until the next town is taken, rinse and repeat.

General Roles

Biff / Wepps_Jr / xRok: General Infantry. Your role is to attack and secure supply depots in towns to help build our supply lines. Be ready to react quickly if I report an attack on our supply trucks. At this point you should be using your money to buy vehicles and units for your personal squad.

Dec: Continue to harass their supply lines and locate their base. Don’t attack the base unless it’s going to be a cakewalk. Feed us intel on what they are building. Are they fielding lots of artillery or are they building tanks?

VonBarb: You represent our Special Teams. You will need anti-air and anti-armor units ready to go and support the infantry. Be sure to have BRDM ATGMS, BMPs and Shilkas when you can afford them. Otherwise rely on infantry AT and AA soldiers. Stay near the infantry’s axis of advance, ready to support them.

Qutlass: Your job will be to support the infantry from a distance. If they are having problems capturing or advancing, communicate with them to find valuable targets. If you encounter a supply truck, shoot its tires out or kill the driver.

Nixer: Air Support. Nixer will be our only pilot for the game. Nixer’s role has many facets. He will engage targets of opportunity, as well as harass the enemy supply lines in addition to their base in the latter part of the game. Nixer should always be ready to answer a call for close air support, but only if your situation is dire.

General Strategy

Get as many towns and points as possible, while maintaining open supply lines. The enemy is incidental in this case. If they are in the town, engage them and defeat them. We won’t be hunting for their base or attacking their base with all of our units. Only Dec and Nixer should be focusing on those things. If the target presents itself (the HQ) take it out by all means, but our job here is to take towns, get points and supplies, while denying those to our enemy.

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