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by Doug “guod” Atkinson


O.N.E.For the past month, the SimHQ Arma 2 Forum has been featuring a banner promoting O.N.E. So what is it? Objectives and New Environments. Together these will take SimHQ’sArma 2 players into new worlds, playing as a variety of new and updated units, and facing a host of new threats. It’s available now (free, of course!) to registered SimHQ members. Want to sign-up to download the package? Click here.

All authors have approved for SimHQ to include their add-on, so a “thanks” to each of them! Thanks also to “Taosenai” and “adlabs6”, the two coordinators of the SimHQ O.N.E. project. You’ll be enjoying the package on Military Mondays and Tactical Thursdays because they spent a lot of their own time contacting each author, acquiring approvals, and integrating everything into one package. Next time you see them online, please tell them how much you appreciate their hours and hours of work.

Lets go through each of the add-ons included in the O.N.E. package.

1S91 Fire Control Radar
Developer: “brownmab53”
Arma 2 Port / Publisher by “hcpookie”

The 1S91 “Straight Flush” radar is the heart (Fire Control Radar) of the 2K12 Kub SAM system. It is capable of detecting enemy aircraft up to 65 km away, and will provide a new, mobile target for SimHQ’s antenna raiders!

1S91 Fire Control Radar

9K31 Strela-1 (SA9) SAM Unit
Developer: “Franze”
Arma 2 Port / Publisher by “hcpookie”

The SA-9 is a formidable short-range SAM that usually operates together with the ZSU-23 “Shilka” AAA vehicle. It is lethal against helicopters and low flying aircraft, and diversifies the anti-air capabilities of factions in ArmA that do not have access to the “Tunguska”.

9K31 Strela-1 (SA9) SAM Unit

Deployable Camo Nets
Developer / Publisher by “hcpookie”

These camo nets fit more closely to the shapes of vehicles, and come in a variety of colors and patterns suited to varied terrain, including forest, desert, and even snow. They provide much better concealment than Arma 2’s default nets, which tend to highlight, rather than hide!

Deployable Camo Nets

Fast Rope
Developer / Publisher: “Norrin”

This allows the mission maker to add a fast roping system to transport helicopters such as the Blackhawk, increasing the players’ options for making insertions into areas where landing could be difficulty or impossible, such as tight city streets or walled compounds.

Fast Rope

F-22A Raptor
Developer / Publisher: “scars”

The F-22A Raptor can provide both air superiority and precision strike capabilities, all while being nearly invisible to radar. Equipped with new Missilebox weapons such the GBU-39 SDB and GBU-32 JDAM, the Raptor is an asset to any ground force.

F-22A Raptor

GLT F-16 Fighting Falcon
Developer / Publisher: “Myke”

The legendary F-16C Fighting Falcon provides an incredibly versatile platform for air operations, capable of carrying a large number of AA missiles or a heavy ground strike package. Expect to be seeing a lot of this fast mover in upcoming missions!

GLT F-16 Fighting Falcon

GLT Missilebox
Developer / Publisher: “Myke”

The Missilebox adds a large variety of weapons for aircraft, and also adds a GPS targeting system to support them. New weapons include heavy iron bombs, the GBU-39 SDB, JDAMs, laser-guided Mavericks, the JSOW, and more! The Russians, in particular, receive a sorely-needed upgrade to their offensive capabilities in the air, including precision munitions.

GLT Missilebox

Improved BRDM2 Units
Developer / Publisher: “hcpookie”

This pack adds a truly huge number of a new variants for the BRDM-2 armored recon vehicle, including air defense, command & control, police, and alternate cannons and missile systems. It also includes several new ATGM static weapon stations. The improved BRDMs include features like opening and closing doors, deployable camo nets, and more.

Improved BRDM2 Units

Minimal Ammo
Developer / Publisher: “Taosenai”

This small add-on gives suppressed weapons standard velocity ammunition, rather than unrealistic and troublesome subsonic rounds. It also changes the M136 and RPG-18 rounds to be only take up one inventory slot — it is no longer more convenient to carry the MAAWS and three rounds than the M136 and a single shot.

OH-58 Kiowa Warrior
Developer / Publisher: “southy” and “Eble”

This scout helicopter can carry a variety of armaments, including a .50 cal machine gun, Hydra rockets, and Hellfire guided missiles. The Kiowa’s mast-mounted sight allows it to search for and designate targets in all weather conditions. The Kiowa helps to bridge the gap inArma 2 between the AH-6J “Little Bird” and the AH-64D “Apache”.

OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

U.S. Army Woodland Vehicles
Developer / Publisher: “strac_sapper”

This adds woodland camo variants for many of the U.S. Army units added in Operation Arrowhead, including the Stryker, Bradley, and MLRS.

U.S. Army Woodland Vehicles

U.S. Marines
Developer / Publisher: “Binkowski”

This adds remodeled U.S. Marines, including a desert MARPAT camouflage variant that will allow more believable USMC operations on Takistan and other desert maps. The new Marines are also able to carry backpacks, unlike their predecessors from Arma 2! With this and the above addition, U.S. forces are now prepared to engage the enemy in any environment.

US Marines

There are seven maps that will be used for O.N.E. events on Military Mondays and Tactical Thursdays. All can be found in the SimHQ Downloads section (membership log-in required). These are downloaded individually and not part of the O.N.E. package. For those of you who have been playing on the SimHQ server, you already have the correct versions of Duala, Quesk-Kibrul, Sahrani, and Sbrodj.

Developer / Publisher: “Goeth”
Promotional videoDuala
Developer / Publisher: “IceBreakr”
Promotional videoPanthera  NEW ADDITION!
Developer / Publisher: “IceBreakr”
Promotional videoQuesh-Kibrul
Developer / Publisher: “Clan ADO”
Promotional video
Developer / Publisher: “BIS / CAA1”
Promotional videoSbrodj
Developer / Publisher: “Clan ADO”
Promotional videoThirsk  NEW ADDITION!
Developer / Publisher: “Raunhofer”
Promotional video


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Updated Cessna Aircraft Window Latch 100, 200, 300 Series (Left-Hand) picture

Updated Cessna Aircraft Window Latch 100, 200, 300 Series (Left-Hand)


0541138-3,-9,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,22 and -24 Cessna brake master cylinder kit picture

0541138-3,-9,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,22 and -24 Cessna brake master cylinder kit


Cessna 150 Decal Emblems picture

Cessna 150 Decal Emblems


Cessna nose strut torque link kit picture

Cessna nose strut torque link kit


Cessna 182P  Plastic Instrument Panel Cover (Black) with integral lighting. picture

Cessna 182P Plastic Instrument Panel Cover (Black) with integral lighting.


ALL CESSNA 340,340A (SOME 310) fuel tank indicator decals picture

ALL CESSNA 340,340A (SOME 310) fuel tank indicator decals


cessna 150 wheel pants matching set picture

cessna 150 wheel pants matching set





cessna 150 panel picture

cessna 150 panel


Nice TCM Continental O-470R Engine & Accessories -bolt on firewall forward Logs picture

Nice TCM Continental O-470R Engine & Accessories -bolt on firewall forward Logs


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