Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tactics

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tactics

Battlefield Bad Company 2Alright soldier, here are the tactics for SimHQ BFBC2. Below are 10 of my tips for basic tactics, teamwork, and communications to get the most out of this game. They are intended to keep you from getting your lousy butt shot off, and letting your team mates down. Use them on the SimHQ BFBC2 servers, and you’ll know what to do and what to expect, and you may survive till dinnertime.

  1. Join a squad, even if you’re really playing alone because you get more points for what your squad does in game and working together. Plus in game VON works with squad mates so you can ask for a med kit or some ammo, or a vehicle repair.
  2. Know the classes, and play your class. If you’re a medic then drop those med kits each time a team mate picks one up, you get points, same with ammo. If you’re an engineer then fix the teams vehicles, again you get points for it. Also it is best to spread out the classes in each squad. If you already see that you have 2 medics on team then pick something else to equal the squad and properly support.
  3. Communications is key. Use the in game VON to talk and assist each other in your squad. If playing on the PC version use the in game text chat to talk with the full team.
  4. If you die in combat you can respawn on a squad mate, use it. If you notice that you’re the last one alive in your squad then disengage, find some cover so your squad mates can spawn on you without instantly dying in a firefight. Squads should stay together as much as possible.
  5. Play the objectives. If in conquest capture points with as many teammates as possible, it captures faster. If playing rush and attacking, assault in force. Meet the team somewhere clear the area from a distance then assault in force. Use smoke when planting the charges, good for keeping the snipers from picking you off.
  6. Use vehicles, if your team has available resources like tanks and attack helicopters then don’t waste them, use them. But use them from afar. No need to go hand in hand with the enemy in a vehicle. When capturing a point with a vehicle deploy smoke to keep the AT guys off you.
  7. Don’t use vehicles if you don’t know how. Nothing worse than someone jumping into an Apache helicopter just to parachute out over a spawn point.
  8. Try to have an engineer with you when in a vehicle. If you take damage, pop smoke, back up and let the engineer repair you then back into the war. You’ll be surprised how long a vehicle last with an engineer nearby. BTW, if you’re a machine gunner on a vehicle, kill soldiers nearby you and also shoot enemy mines you see in front of you.
  9. Know what squad you’re in. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta or Echo. When I take lead of a conquest team I like for us to move forward and capture as we go. As we capture whatever squad corresponds with the capture point stays and defends. IE: The team captures Alpha, Alpha squad stays at Alpha and defends, while the rest of the team moves to Bravo, then Bravo squad stays and so on. Then the last team I like to use as a re-enforcement team to go to the hot spots.
  10. When attacking in rush mode, you can destroy most of the building around the objectives. And then destroy the crates with armor weapons. But if you chose to do it on foot. Clear the area first, one go in and plant the charges while others protect. I like to use smoke grenades to conceal myself while capture flags or planting charges. If defending, stick together and defend in force. Keep re-spawning on teammates to over whelm the attackers. Use mines, and other tools of defense.

Thou not a tip or tactic, but more common knowledge.

  1. Do NOT camp or set up in the enemies spawn locations.
  2. Defend the flags.
  3. Play the game the way it was designed to be played by playing the objectives.
  4. Use teamwork and basic military tactics.
  5. Have fun you maggot!

See you on the virtual battlefield soldier! That is all.


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