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For those who have yet to dive deeper into the background, history and organization of Sonalysts, here is some info. Sonalysts is an employee-owned, multi-disciplinary, engineering and technical services firm. It was founded in 1973 and has currently 400+ employees. Those employees work in 20+ project groups Some work in more than just one group, and the game department is just one of those 20+ groups. Jamie for example, works on 3 or 4 groups with S.C.S. Dangerous Waters being one of them, and as much as he would love to dedicate all his time to S.C.S. Dangerous Waters, he has to do some work in the other groups as well. As you can see in the image below, the gaming group is housed in a converted garage! A massive 30% of Sonalysts partners (that’s the employees) are former or retired military, mostly representing the Navy. They even have an Admiral on Staff. Aside from producing high-quality games, Sonalysts works in such diverse fields as music recording (Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz), video production (most notably, A Century of Silent Service) and training simulations (for the military). By-the-way, Sonalysts is short for “Sonar Analysts” which was the original task of the company.

the only surviving English Midget Submarine X-24

Jamie started his presentation with an overview of Sonalysts before moving onto the games Sonalysts has produced, i.e. 688i Hunter / Killer, Fleet Command, Sub Command and most recently S.C.S. Dangerous Waters.

The part on S.C.S. Dangerous Waters covered an overview over the game itself, with emphasis on the new platforms (compared to Sub Command) followed by an explanation of the Quick Mission generator, the Mission Editor and finally a short live display of the first campaign mission with the P-3.

Jamie Carlson took the stage (and didn't leave for the next 1.5 hours).

Following a brief introduction by Cdr. Jeff Tall,
Jamie Carlson took the stage (and didn’t leave for the next 1.5 hours).

Along the way, Jamie dropped some nuggets of information. For example, the Mission Brief Format in the Official Campaign Missions is pretty authentic; a former 688 CO took part in writing those. And for those who want to know how long the development of a game like S.C.S. Dangerous Waters takes, according to Jamie the Development of Dangerous Waters took around 18 months. He added not all of that time was full-time development, as members of the group had to work on other projects (government contracts). I personally was pretty curious about the new content included in the European Release. The shroud of secrecy was lifted and here it comes…

Black Bean has enlisted the help of Bill “SubGuru” Nichols of SubGuru web site fame to include a lot of his excellent missions as well as to create some new ones. The “new” content will apparently be available for free download to the existing customers after the release of the S.C.S. Dangerous Waters European Version.

The New Campaign: Red Storm Rising. Created and updated for the European Release by Bill “SubGuru” Nichols.

In Red Storm Rising you are in command of various playable platforms for 14 missions, which follow the storyline of the book Red Storm Rising, written by Tom Clancy. The missions are also included as separate, Standalone missions for those who do not wish to play the entire campaign or want to revisit a particular mission.

New Missions: The following six missions have already been released by Bill Nichols on his famous web site SubGuru, but have been taken offline temporarily until after the release of the European version of Dangerous Waters.

First Salvo – The U.S. and Russia are on the brink of war in the Mediterranean Sea.
Playable Platforms: Akula, Kilo, FFG-7, MH-60, P-3C, 688i

Sicilian Wedding – You are playing an OPFOR submarine during NATO exercise SICILIAN WEDDING.
Playable Platform: 688i

We Dive at Dawn – Routine exercises in the southern California Opareas
Playable Platform: 688i

Chinese Takeout – Peacetime surveillance ops in the Yellow Sea
Playable Platform: 688i

Blue Dragon – Based on an incident described in H. Jay Riker’s novel, “Silent Service – Seawolf Class”.
Playable Platform: Seawolf

Belling the Cat – A scenario based on an event in Robin White’s novel, “Typhoon”
Playable Platform: 688i

The following four missions are absolutely new:

Gunboat Diplomacy (Author: Bill Nichols) – Gunboat Diplomacy in the Indonesian archipelago
Playable Platform: FFG-7

Wonson Wolftrap (Author: Bill Nichols) – SOF insertion during the Second Korean War
Playable Platform: Seawolf

U.S. Naval Blockade (Author : Markus Kaldenbach) – North Korean subs will have to attack an U.S. naval blockade to clear way for a friendly convoy.
Playable Platform: Unknown – probably Kilo submarine(s).

Operation: Last Resort (Single Player Mission, Author : Landorin) – This mission takes place in the Gulf of Oman and is based on real life developments
Playable Platform: 688i

On top of the new playable content Black Bean has added a Video documentary about the first Nuclear driven Submarine, the USS Nautilus. This video is exclusive to the European Release and according to Black Bean there are no plans to release the video independently.

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1973 PIPER PA-28-140 AIRCRAFT FORSALE picture



Used Scott Model 2000 Type 3-24B Tailwheel Luscombe / Piper Cub / Champ picture

Used Scott Model 2000 Type 3-24B Tailwheel Luscombe / Piper Cub / Champ


Piper Autocontrol IIIB picture

Piper Autocontrol IIIB


Piper PA-28 Cherokee Knots 2U flap hinge fairing speed kit - new picture

Piper PA-28 Cherokee Knots 2U flap hinge fairing speed kit - new


Piper PA-28-236 Wheel Pants picture

Piper PA-28-236 Wheel Pants


Piper Autocontrol IIIB (Broken Faceplate) picture

Piper Autocontrol IIIB (Broken Faceplate)


New Piper Cowling Latch picture

New Piper Cowling Latch


S-TEC 50 Auto Pilot. Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee picture

S-TEC 50 Auto Pilot. Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee


Piper 481-152 Potentiometer for Dimmer A102941 Alt P/N TS8568 Rheostat picture

Piper 481-152 Potentiometer for Dimmer A102941 Alt P/N TS8568 Rheostat


Piper Antenna Coupler 555-501 picture

Piper Antenna Coupler 555-501


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