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Overall Opinions and Recommendations

Boy, is this a hard game to not recommend. Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic is one of the more in-depth (no pun intended) games currently out there. The game play is good. The graphics are very well done. The campaign is outstanding. Simply put, this is one of the better one-two-three punches in the gameplay world.

But tempered with these achievements are some serious problems that badly need to be resolved. The game is currently a buggy nightmare in some critical areas. Certainly there are bugs with all games, and some are forgivable, but some of the bugs in Silent Hunter 5 are near showstoppers. There are already some mods released that will correct some of the deficiencies in the game, but the fact that the second patch — the one that is supposed to correct many of these problems — is delayed once again means players that bought the game in good faith are still waiting for fixes that shouldn’t have been in the gold release.

Granted, buyers still have to contend with the Uplay DRM issues, and for some naval combat simmers, that in itself may seal the fate of SH5. But that is their own personal decision concerning the need to remain connected at all times. I have to wonder if the time spent attaching and retrofitting Uplay to SH5 didn’t detract the poor development teams time enough to permit some of the bugs to slide through.

Once players can get past these issues, there is a potential for a lot of fun with this game. There is a lot of good here and I honestly think that if Silent Hunter 5 follows the series history and is patched adequately, this will be a winner. Sadly, the fact is for right now, I cannot recommend Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic in its current condition.

Reviewer’s System Specs

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 8500 processor
  • ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics processor
  • Asus Maximus motherboard
  • 4 GB DDR2 RAM
  • WD 300GB HDD
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

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