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Falcon 4 was configured with the FreeFalcon 3.1 add-on installed. The only game in SimHQ’s current benchmark suite that shipped with SMP support, Falcon 4 was tested using our in-house demo of a low level, air-to-ground flight consisting of two Falcons using MK20s and Mavericks. Graphics settings were configured at their highest options.

Falcon 4

Both operating systems produced virtually identical scores across the tested resolutions with Falcon 4, another excellent showing for the x64 edition’s performance.

Call of Duty was configured with its video settings placed at their highest options since the title, based on the aging Quake 3 engine, hardly strains the latest high-end graphics boards. Scores were obtained from the Dawnville demo using the in-game timedemo utility to capture performance.

Call of Duti

With scores these high, Call of Duty is more likely to distinguish the performance scores generated by its timedemos. The game trailed behind the the 32-bit scores on the x64 edition by almost 10% at the lower resolutions, with the numbers again narrowing as the higher resolutions increased the fill rate requirements.

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