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As I mentioned, the TrackClipPRO is perfect for online play. It simplifies the experience and once it’s in place you will hardly know it’s there. Just don’t drop your headphones onto the hard tile floor!

I know that because I did it last night. To my horror, the LED arm of the TrackClipPRO was dangling by the wires, useless.

Oh my goodness what I have done now, and in the midst of writing a review on the hardware! were some of my more printable thoughts.

Then, Maybe I can glue it or tape it back on!

I always think that whenever I break something. And I break a lot of things, so I make sure I have plenty of glue and tape handy.

But on closer examination I found it really wasn’t broken. The LED arm of the TrackClipPRO has a push-in connector and it had simply popped out. I put it back and it was fine. No glue or tape or cussing required.

So what does this gizmo look like in operation? Good question, which NaturalPoint has answered here. There’s a video towards the bottom of the page, flying helicopters in Armed Assault. It’s got the in-game video, and an inset video of the user so you can see how it all works.

Alright, time for the verdict.

The TrackClipPRO retails for just under $40, and is available packaged with the TrackIR 4 for just under $200. Those are the retail numbers, you may be able to find them for less, perhaps. Do I recommend either option?

Well, let’s look at the TrackClipPRO first. If I had a TrackIR 3 or 4 and I did a lot of online play, or if I just used headphones quite a bit I’d give this very serious consideration. As I said, I was having some issues with the Vector hat clip, not in and of itself, but just my own forgetfulness. I was pretty sure that sturdy office chair was going to do some serious metal bending in the near future. I had already had several close calls. The big plus is the convenience of having the TrackClipPRO already mounted on your headphones, and they don’t sproing off. Plus the active LED’s really do seem to improve performance. No table lamp needed either. So, yeah, I’d say go for it.

If you’re strictly an off-line player, well, depends. Again, if you use headphones a lot I think this is really an improvement you should consider. Obviously, if you don’t use headphones, and don’t plan on using them, that’s a no-brainer. Stick with the hat and the Vector clip and you’ll be fine.

The TrackIR 4 and TrackClipPRO package for under $200?

If you don’t have a TrackIR, and if you use headphones, what are you waiting for? More money? Ask the boss for a raise, or a bonus, get a part time job, scrimp, save, finagle a way.

If you’re serious about simming, this is seriously essential gear. For me, simming without a TrackIR would be like trying to go back to flying with a keyboard instead of a HOTAS. I simply cannot, will not, do it.

Let me illustrate this point photographically.

Can you spot the non-TrackIR user out of the following? Hint: there are three pictures. Oh, and Staff, I know you know the answer, but no help to the members, please.

Reviewer’s System Specs

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz CPU (Retail, with heat sink and fan)
  • Intel D875PBZ motherboard
  • 2GB of Corsair 3200 DDR Ram (4x 512 MB DIMMS)
  • ATI Radeon x800 video card
  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card
  • WD Raptor 74GB HDD
  • DirectX Version 9.0c
  • Windows XP Home with SP2


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