Train Simulator 2012 Part 6


Train Simulator 2012 brings welcome graphics updates to the series, plus a bit of new content for current owners. New buyers of Train Simulator 2012 will be getting the “Horseshoe Curve” expansion that really shows off a high level of detail, and high quality content.

Train Simulator 2012 succeeds in not only providing a very immersive visual experience, but does so with scalable graphics options such that even lower spec’ed PCs such as my own can still enjoy a taste of the improvements at a lower visual quality.


  • Beautiful and immersive visual updates.
  • Usefully scalable graphics options.
  • Selectable “TSX” option for players wanting greater performance on older hardware.
  • Some new content included for present owners.
  • Includes “The Horseshoe Curve” for new buyers.

Could Be Better

  • Occasional crashes while loading, or while using the Steam screenshot system.
  • Lower quality shadows have a few unappealing qualities.
  • Minor annoyances with my Steam client.

Reviewer’s System Specs

  • AMD A64 5000×2
  • 2GB RAM
  • ATi HD3650 512MB
  • Windows 7 32-bit

aircraft part
$50.0 aircraft part picture
Piper Cherokee plane cover
$120.0 Piper Cherokee plane cover picture
Piper PA-28 R&L Trim Cover Assy 65674-09 (2364)
$49.99 Piper PA-28 R&L Trim Cover Assy 65674-09 (2364) picture
Piper PA-28 Baggage Straps (2349)
$99.99 Piper PA-28 Baggage Straps (2349) picture
Piper PA-28 Oil Pressure Switch (2323)
$24.99 Piper PA-28 Oil Pressure Switch (2323)  picture

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