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Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations Review

“The game was hide and seek, played over a million square miles of ocean. The losers died.” – Tom Clancy, “Red Storm Rising” (1986) Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations (hereafter referred to as CMANO) is published by Matrix Games and is the first game developed by WarfareSims Limited. Players are able to take charge […]

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Volair Sim Cockpit Review

Until recently personal cockpits have been considered something of a niche product, reserved generally for those that were rich enough to afford such a device. The other option was to try to build your own, a tedious and often ultimately more expensive idea. Luckily, over the last few years the cost of gaming cockpits had […]

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VRS TacPack Review Page

by David “Stormtrooper” Tessier and Ken “531 Ghost” King Introduction Spoiler Alert: The Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) TacPack is probably the best add-on currently on the market that allows virtual pilots to employ weapons, making FSX not only a comprehensive civilian flight simulator, but now one of the newest military flight simulators as well. This review will bring up the highlights of […]

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2012 Year in Review: Land and Armor Combat

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer   Introduction As we welcome in 2013, SimHQ has once again witnessed the continued, glacial shift in the format of Land Combat simulation genre. I remember back when I first came to SimHQ, via a link in Limech’s web site and forum, looking for an answer on a Fighter Anthology question. Over time I […]

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Train Simulator 2012 Performance Review Part 1

Product Version 5.9d by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce   As a newcomer to the train simulation genre, I was quite excited to see that my gateway sim, Railworks 2, was getting a major upgrade to Train Simulator 2012, and it is going to be free! I was already very pleased with theRW2 product and had spent many hours happily shunting cars […]

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Thrustmaster-T500 RS

Thrustmaster T500 RS Review Page 1

Thrustmaster T500 RS by “Chunx”   Introduction Thrustmaster has been on a roll lately — a seemingly relentless campaign to assume the mantle of leader in the simulation controller industry. In 2010, their new HOTAS Warthog reset the standard for combat flight simulation controllers. In 2011, Thrustmaster is poised to do the same in the racing […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 1

by “adlabs6”   A freight train rolls through a spot of life in the desert. Introduction What is Railworks 2? Railworks 2 by Ltd, is an expandable “base package” railroad simulation. Offered as a free update to current owners of the original Railworks, the product is also available for sale on Steam and DVD media. The original Railworks was a 2009 […]

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Side-by-Side Racing: Logitech G27 vs. the Fanatec’s Porsche 911 Turbo S Review

by “Chunx”   Introduction When hard-core sim racers contemplate opening their wallets wide for a high-end force feedback (FFB) racing wheel, these two fine controllers will no-doubt be placed in direct competition with one another. In recent months SimHQ has penned separate, in-depth reviews on both of these fine products — the Logitech G27 in August of 2009, […]

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A SimHQ “Got Game?” Review

Not familiar with SimHQ’s “Got Game” Review Series? Read here. The RPG Alternative by “ConManly”   Introduction Simulation games are the life-blood that courses through SimHQ’s veins. They are realistic and they can translate to real life activities. I enjoy driving sims such as Forza Motorsport 3 and tactical shooters like Operation Flashpoint, the original Ghost Recon, and the Rainbow Six series. They are […]

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Logitech G27 Racing Controller Review

A SimHQ exclusive on the just-announced product by Chunx Introduction Darwin theorized that the process of evolution would cause a species to refine itself over time, with stronger, more effective traits advancing while weaker or ineffective traits were killed off. That theory also holds true in the computer gaming industry — so long as you accept […]

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