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One Day In The War – Wolf 20, Part One Page 2

Back To Page 1   Officer’s Quarters – ‘Hootches’ The day starts early for the pilots and wizzo’s ( abbreviation for ‘weapon system operators’ – WSO)…the four crews leave their hootches(base quarters) at 0600. Some head to the O’Club (Officers Club) for breakfast, while others are content with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Their first stop is the Tactical […]

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One Day In The War – Wolf 20, Part One

by Andy Bush   The Phantom Yankee Air Pirates (Author’s Note: In the course of answering questions on my weapons and tactics web site, I had the idea one day of providing an answer in the form of a story. From that has sprung the Wolf 20 series of short stories, each of which is intended […]

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Combat Mission Planning Considerations, Part Two – Ingress, Attack, and Egress

Feature by Andy Bush Introduction In Part One, you examined a number of real life preliminary mission planning considerations that can be replicated in today’s air combat simulations. These considerations gave you an overview of the target and outlined avionics and weapon planning factors. Part Two is where “the rubber meets the road.” We now put our […]

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Warthog Coloring Book

from Andy Bush All you A-10 fans! Here’s a little something to take away some of the pain caused by the cancellation of Jane’s A-10 sim. SimHQ’s own Andy Bush, a retired Hog Driver himself, has provided us with a real gem that we’ve gotten a kick out of. So break out the crayons and get […]

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective – Part Four

Feature by Andy Bush   General Offensive and Defensive Considerations Introduction In Part Three, we looked at a number of concepts and techniques. The article finished with a discussion of how to relate these concepts to a conventional rear aspect attack. I’ll end this series with a final discussion of how these tips and concepts can be […]

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tactics 101 defensive

Tactics 101 – Offensive & Defensive Maneuvers

by Ed “Skater” Lynch For those who’ve made it this far, welcome to Tactics 101 Part 3. Here’s where we talk about some more complicated maneuvers. This course will now concentrate on specific offensive and defensive maneuvers against specific threats, both from the air and from the ground. Get a frosty beverage now, this is […]

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective – Part Two

by Andy Bush   Introduction In the previous discussion of flight simulation views, I evaluated each type of viewing system with regard to how effectively each system allowed you to see the need for and then perform basic BFM maneuvers. This comparison placed its primary emphasis on the amount oftime that each type of view required to […]

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective – Part Three

by Andy Bush   General Offensive and Defensive Considerations Introduction Well, folks, it’s time to get down to where the rubber meets the road. Many, if not most of you, want a good understanding of the academics of fighter flying. Usually, this takes the form of procedures and techniques taken right out of real world manuals. […]

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its all maater part one

It’s All a Matter of Your Perspective – Part One

by Andy Bush     Introduction Numerous articles on air combat simulation viewing systems have been written for sim pilots. All have the objective of explaining how these systems permit you, the pilot, to maneuver your aircraft with respect to another aircraft or ground object. My participation in this discussion will be to offer a different […]

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tactics pursuit

Tactics 101 – Pure and Lead Pursuit

by Ed “Skater” Lynch   Ok, we left off last time with a description of the Lag Pursuit, and how to make it work for you. Now let’s discuss the two other general types of pursuit flying. Here are a few more fighter-speak words and acronyms to add to your sock drawer… DICK: Verb. To get […]

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tectics 0

Tactics 101 – Introduction and Lag Pursuit

by Ed “Skater” Lynch   Well, it’s been a long time coming, so let’s not waste any time and get started. First let’s go over some of the acronyms that will be discussed in this article. More will be added to this list as the discussion continues. In this discussion we will discuss ways to […]

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