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Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations Review

“The game was hide and seek, played over a million square miles of ocean. The losers died.” – Tom Clancy, “Red Storm Rising” (1986) Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations (hereafter referred to as CMANO) is published by Matrix Games and is the first game developed by WarfareSims Limited. Players are able to take charge […]

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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Game Preview

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Preview Of course, the star of the 1C/1C Game Studios Game Night event was the IL-2 Sturmovik follow-on, Battle of Stalingrad. Battle of Stalingrad takes pilots back to WWII to fly and fight the air war of the epic Battle of Stalingrad from both the Russian and German perspectives. Albert “Loft” Zhiltcov and […]

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Volair Sim Cockpit Review

Until recently personal cockpits have been considered something of a niche product, reserved generally for those that were rich enough to afford such a device. The other option was to try to build your own, a tedious and often ultimately more expensive idea. Luckily, over the last few years the cost of gaming cockpits had […]

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Have HOTAS Will Travel – Part 2

or “Your Joystick…Never Leave Home Without It” by Bill “BBall” Ball After “Dr. Kozmo” applied his miraculous cure to the HOTAS, it was time to fire-up another mission. It starts with us at dawn sitting on the “Alert 5 Pad” chatting with JTOC, we get tasked to fly RESCAP on a downed reccee Hornet. The good news […]

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Have HOTAS Will Travel

or “Your Joystick…Never Leave Home Without It” by Bill “BBall” Ball Webster’s Dictionary describes the word “LAN” as follows: “A network that allows the computers in a small area (such as an office) to share equipment (such as printers) and data — called also local area network.” Noah Webster might have been a smart dude, but […]

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VRS TacPack Review Page

by David “Stormtrooper” Tessier and Ken “531 Ghost” King Introduction Spoiler Alert: The Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) TacPack is probably the best add-on currently on the market that allows virtual pilots to employ weapons, making FSX not only a comprehensive civilian flight simulator, but now one of the newest military flight simulators as well. This review will bring up the highlights of […]

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SimHQ DCS World Fly-In

by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce   Hawgs in Formation. Image courtesy of Gordo_Viper. This past weekend the SimHQ skies were once again filled with DCS World fliers in another SimHQ DCS World Fly-In. Graciously hosted by Wrecking Crew and Eno75, the newly unveiled Hollo Pointe Server took the lead in hosting the festivities, and was supported by the ever-popular Firehouse Server. Both servers […]

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Final Flight

by William “BBall” Ball Those of us that are blessed to be called aviation professionals have good days and bad days just like everyone else. We also get to experience the close cousin to those days; they’re known as the “easy” day and the “tough” day. They may seem the same thing, but they’re actually very […]

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Air To Ground Basics – Bombing Page 7

Back To Page 6   Weapon Impact Point And The Sight Picture, Part Two Once again let’s refer back to Figure11. Now, we’ll put our interest on the ‘crash point.’..that point on the ground where our flight path is aimed. We now know that point is somewhere at the target’s 12 o’clock. But where, exactly? And how do we […]

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