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2007 Submarine Almanac Book Review

Ahoy, readers! It isn’t normal for me to address all of you in that manner, I know. But on this occasion, I’m taking a leaf out of Neal Steven’s book, quite literally, in fact. I’m reading a neat paperback volume called 2007 Subsim Almanac, that Neal and his crew at Subsim are responsible for, and it has me […]

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‘Swastika in the Gunsight: Memoirs of a Russian Fighter Pilot 1941-45’ by Igor A. Kaberov

by Guest Writer Ian Boys   Every month or so somebody in the SimHQ IL-2 Forum asks which books best describe air combat from the pilot’s viewpoint. Many of the answers are uncontentious – Clostermann, Lipfert, Deere, Sakai. One book, however, is guaranteed to arouse controversy: “Swastika in the Gunsight” by Igor Kaberov. So many people […]

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