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DayZ Forums Compromised By Hackers

If you’re a member of the DayZ forums, you probably want to jump on over there and change your password (especially if you use the same password elsewhere). Bohemia Interactive announced, on Reddit, that an information breach had occurred: “According to our investigation all usernames, emails and passwords from were accessed and downloaded by […]

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DayZ – Back To Chernarus In 2016

It’s been a number of weeks since I visited the troll zombie infested wasteland that is DayZ’s Chernarus, but given the buzz surrounding update 0.59, I decided to take another go at surviving the end of days. It’s easy to forget that DayZ (Standalone) has only been in development for a little over two years. […]

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Squad: Quick Look

Every few weeks, Steam has a new flavor-of-the-month game that the Internet collectively praises for a couple days. Afterwards, the game that was so “great,” “unique,” “innovative,” and “the next big thing” usually sinks into its niche and goes mostly unnoticed by players at large. While games fading into obscurity isn’t anything new, it has […]

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IL*2 Sturmovik – Update 1.106

Developer 1C has released update 1.106, which includes numerous additions and fixes, in time for the Holidays. After the long wait for 1.104, it’s nice to see 1C hard at work pumping out more updates to close the year. The biggest addition to the game in this update, comes in the form of the MiG-3 Soviet […]

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Let’s Talk About Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries recently upgraded Star Citizen to its latest (and greatest) incarnation in the form of Alpha 2.0. After spending some quality time with the newest update, I’m left optimistic about the games future… and a little frustrated, as well. First off, even though it’s got 2.0 in the update […]

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ARMA 3 Event – SimHQ Multiplayer Holiday Special

The Holidays are for reconnecting with old friends… and then shooting them! Okay, taken out of context that sounds absolutely horrible, but if you’re wanting to join in the ARMA community here at SimHQ for some holiday gaming, you’re more than welcome. All Sunday and Monday Arma 3 multiplayer sessions, running now until January 5th, […]

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Arma 3 – Nexus Update

The end of the year is here, and while, for some, that signals a cozy winding down of the year’s events, for others it means scrambling to wrap up plans and get as much preparatory work done for the new year as possible in these final weeks. Unfortunately, my schedule has fallen into the hectic […]

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Do You Even Read? – Gaming and Learning

As gaming genres, Sim and Strategy have an interesting facet, aside from their own unique mechanics, that other gaming genres can’t really claim to possess: books, and by extension, actual learning potential. Before you start listing out all the Fantasy/Sci-fi books you’ve read which were clear inspirations for all the Fantasy/Sci-fi games you’ve played, let […]

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Arma 3 Defense Guide and a Case for Tutorials

Today, the guys and gals over at Bohemia Interactive released another Community Guide video, in cooperation with Dslyecxi (Andrew Gluck – leader of Shack Tactical). This newest episodes shifts gears a bit and delves into the gameplay behind mounting a solid tactical defense. In the video, Andrew Gluck examines the most essential planning considerations for […]

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Weekend Roundup – BF4, DayZ, and More

Order of Battle Morning Sun Needs Beta Testers After the successful release of their Battle of Britain update, The Aristocrats, makers of Order of Battle: Pacific, are once again returning to the pacific theatre in their next expansion. This time they’ll be taking on the Second Sino-Japanese War: “Players take control over the Japanese forces […]

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