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Rainbow Six Siege to Release in 2015

A younger version of myself was obsessed with all things Rainbow 6. I was there when Wolfenstein, Doom, Blood, Quake, Hexen and every other “Unique FPS” showed up. I enjoyed them about as much as I could, but they never held my attention for long. Rainbow Six launched and all I knew of it was the fact that it […]

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Close Combat: Gateway to Caen Launches Today

Close Combat: Gateway to Caen from Matrix games is launching today and you can jump in without having to go through a backlog of older titles. This was the first game in the Commandos or Company of Heroes style of game that really captured my imagination. While I am excited to get in and give the game a shot, there […]

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Rise of Nations Launching on Steam

Long Winded Introduction Hello dear readers! I am a new writer here at SimHQ and you are likely expecting a very simple, journalistic article as my first foray into writing on this site. Sadly, that is not what you are about to get. You are about to get a sales pitch, (an informative and honest […]

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