Armored Warfare Early Access Testing

Obsidian-Entertainment-Armored-Warfare-Second-Round-Early-Access-Testing-June-24-2015Obsidian Entertainment’s new armored warfare game, aptly named “Armored Warfare,” has started its second Early Access Testing phase which will run until June 24, 2015. In recognition of the second round of tests, Obsidian has released a new trailer which showcases “Roughneck,” a completely new map which users can play around on during the test.

The test servers for both North America and Europe will be available on these days/times:

NA Server:

  • 7pm – 11pm ET on weekdays
  • 6pm – midnight ET on weekends

EU Server:

  • 5pm – 9pm CEST on weekdays
  • 4pm – 10pm CEST on weekends

However, Obsidian Entertainment states:

Please note: these timeframes are not final and may be extended to up to 24 hours of testing at any point during the Early Access 2 phase.

So, what exactly will you be testing out? Well, this round of testing will show off the Tier 7 vehicles as well as the new map. There are some better optimizations which are hopefully going to help out people using lower end machines, who encountered frame rate issues during the first testing phase. A few player feedback suggestions are also going into the game, including balancing changes, UI adjustments, and mouse control.


  • added significant series of optimizations to the client and server part of Armored Warfare to ensure improved performance
  • fixed multiple issues on all Early Access maps
  • the ingame economy was rebalanced
  • the progress requirements were rebalanced to reflect the changes in the economy
  • for test purposes the scale of economy was changed as such: reputation income was increased 3 times, credit income 8 times
  • fixed the bug where the mouse cursor did not disappear during the battle
  • several UI elements in the garage were changed
  • extended the settings of the mouse sensitivity for arcade, sniper and artillery mode


  • added tier 7 vehicles, obtainable via both dealers
  • the majority of the vehicles was rebalanced
  • added a reputation bonus for destroying enemy vehicles – this bonus will not be significant in order not to encourage kill stealing
  • the players will now receive a reputation bonus for the damage done by their teammates to tanks that the players immobilized by destroying their tracks (“assisting damage”)
  • the players will now also a receive a credit and reputation bonus for winning the battle by capturing the enemy base. The more enemy team tanks are alive at the point of base capture, the higher the bonus will be
  • decreased the armor penetration value of many shells in order to increase the role of the MBT armor on the battlefield
  • M551 Sheridan and M60A2 can no longer fire APFSDS shells (due to the fact that historically their guns could not fire them), the MBT-70 gun however can still fire them (as it historically could)


  • changed the loading screen
  • a large number of smaller fixes and changes was also added

Players can sign up for the test by going here and buying one of the three Founder’s Packs, which we covered previously. If you’ve already done that, you can expect an 11.79 GB patch download to get up-to-date and back into the game.

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