Armored Warfare – Progression Update & Last Chance for Founder’s Pack Armored Warfare’s Head Start phase well underway, Obsidian Entertainment and are providing players with a final chance to grab a Founder’s Pack, as well as announcing some incoming updates to the game’s progression system.

If you’re interested in the game, you may want to check out the Head Start – Open Beta going on right now, as all progress made during this phase is kept and transferred over to the live release. In effect, the game is already launched and ready to go, with the official launch coming this Thursday, October 8th.

Founder’s Packs

Obviously, with the launch right around the corner, Obsidian will be phasing out the Founder’s Packs which contain exclusive items, such as:

  • Vanguard title and achievement
  • Exclusive commander (Maximilian Koenig )
    • A career soldier who gives you 10% increased reputation when he’s on board.
    • His Accelerated Training skill gives you 10% more experience for crews.
    • Beyond these two skills, this commander’s skills can also increase crew attributes, make the gun aim faster, increase the view range of his vehicle, increase crew hitpoints or the turret traverse speed. Overall he is a well-rounded commander, especially useful for players who want to progress as fast as possible to unlock the coveted high-tier tanks.
  • Two unique vehicles – the Expeditionary Tank and the BMPT “Terminator”
    • The BMPT Terminator is a tier 6 AFV which protects tanks against infantry. Unlike similar AFV’s in Armored Warfare, the Terminator’s armor is equivalent to that of a main battle tank. Its speed and armor combined with its powerful 30mm automatic cannons, and ATGM launcher system make it a formidable presence on the battlefield.
    • The Expeditionary Tank is also a tier 6 tank (Light), and is designed for air-transportable mobile firepower. On open terrain this thing can almost fly, causing heavy tanks grief as it zips around for hit and run tactics. total there are three Founder’s Packs, but if you want the unique content above, you’ll have to dish out for the Lord of War bundle – unsurprisingly, the most expensive at $69.99 USD. Along with the exclusive content, the Lord of War bundle also gives you the premium MBT-70 (Tier 6) and the ZS15-Zhalo-S (Tier 4), $30 dollars’ worth of gold, 90 days premiums status, and access to the Head Start phase.

The Mercenary Commander bundle runs $29.99 USD and comes with the Commander, ZS15-Zhalo-S (Tier 4), $15 dollars of gold, 30 days of premium, and access to the Head Start phase.

Finally, the Soldier of Fortune bundle is only $14.99 USD and foregoes the bonus content, but nets you $5 dollars of gold, 15 days of premium, and access to the Head Start phase.

Progression Update

Due to player complaint about slow progression and meaningless “premium” vehicles, Obsidian and are implementing a rebalance of the game’s progression. The current changes thus far are:


  • armored-warfare-obsidian-reactor-map-open-beta-head-start-my.comIncreased the base match participation reputation reward for playing PvP matches from 90 to 135
  • Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 5 by 20%
  • Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 6 by 30%
  • Decreased tier 6 upgraded ammo cost multiplier by roughly an additional 8%
  • Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 7 by 25%
  • Decreased tier 7 upgraded ammo multiplier by roughly an additional 12%
  • Decreased base ammo costs for Tier 8 by 40%
  • Decreased tier 8 upgraded ammo multiplier by roughly an additional 14%
  • Decreased tier 5 repair costs from 16000 to 12800
  • Decreased tier 6 repair costs from 28000 to 19600
  • Decreased tier 7 repair costs from 44000 to 26400
  • Decreased tier 8 repair costs from 60000 to 36000


  • Increased all PvE reputation gains by 20%
  • Increased all PvE credit income by 35%


  • Playing a premium vehicle now increases reputation earnings by 20%
  • Playing a premium vehicle now increases crew experience by 20%
  • Playing a premium vehicle now increases commander experience by 20%

Time will tell if these changes are enough to address player complaints, but it looks to be a step in the right direction, at least.

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