Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Patch 1.08

Command-Modern-Air-Naval-Operations-Patch-1.08-MapIf you haven’t played Warfare Sims’ “armchair general” simulator, prepare to be confused. Thankfully there are a few tutorials that will have you up to speed in no time. Better yet, if you’ve played the Harpoon series, you’ll probably feel right at home. Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is one of those rare games that puts its focus on the aircraft and vehicles of war over that of the more popular infantry units. On top of that the game is turnless and presents users with a sprawling global map. Command asks players to do just that – Command. After you get suitably familiar with the game, prepare to be managing unit lists longer than your worst, nightmare induced, college English course reading syllabus. Command also sports a surprisingly high-quality radar/sonar modelling system that should impress most air/naval simulation enthusiasts. The scenario selection has about 40 different scenarios, ranging from real world analog events to completely fictitious scenarios. There is plenty to see and do here for any budding or veteran couch general.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly insignificant update number: 1.08. This is a huge update… we’re talking 20 pages of patch notes huge.

Some New FeaturesCommand-Modern-Air-Naval-Operations-Patch-1.08-HMS-Edinburg

  • New toys to try out: Anti-torpedo torpedoes and related torpedo-warning systems, new warhead types such as “superfrags”, new weapon types such as “Contact explosive” (for the discerning saboteur or suicide terrorist), a brand-new ship type (Mobile Offshore Base (aka “Battle Island”)), and more.
  • User interface enhancements: Players can now observe the engagement arcs of a unit mount, permission-dependent color of targeting vectors, coastline/border fade-out on zoom (as in GE), the manual weapon allocation window can present to the player the “soft” restrictions (WRA/WCS/other doctrine settings), various tweaks to mission editor UI. etc.
  • Simulation improvements: Major speed boost on large scenarios, more accurate uncertainty areas for long-range passive detections (SOSUS, ESM etc.), reliable sub battery recharge, improved sub-captain AI on chasing after unreachable targets, snap-up/down limits for AAW guided weapons, side-firing gunships (e.g. AC-130) now maneuvering properly, more realistic UNREP transfer rates, speed-dependent aircraft IR signatures (that supercruise may now really cost you if the enemy has decent IRSTs), tweaks to damage modelling related to light-caliber automatic weapons, realistic “no scan while painting” limitation on older mechanical radars, and more.
  • Scenario Editor improvements: “Can Auto-track civilians” side-level ability, Lua speed enhancements and more.
  • Updated & rebuilt versions of all official scenarios, plus a new scenario addition to the official-bundled scenarios (Pyrpolitis 1-14, from the community scenario pack)
  • A brand-new series of tutorial videos by Baloogan.

The list goes on and on… (Full patch notes here!)

Updated Tutorials

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