DayZ: Experimental Update 0.56

DayZ-Logo-Patch-0.54-notes-new-renderer-enfusion-engineThe newest Experimental Update for DayZ (180.2MB) saw some massive server improvements; however, it should be noted that, at the time of this writing, zombies were still completely removed from the update. This may, or may not, have an impact on server stability and people’s personal framerates.

Branch Update Features (0.56.127666):

  • [Animal] Fox added
  • [Animation] Infected have the new crawling-animation
  • [Animation] Carrying a barrel-animation added (pic)
  • [Gameplay] Rebalancing of Infected damage threshold
  • [Gameplay] Putting something in your hands now removes it from that slot in inventory
  • [Gameplay] You can break the legs of infected (video)
  • [Gameplay] new “chipped legs” status (pic)
  • [Gameplay] Fruit/Veg can now be dried. When dried you can gather seeds from them with only your hands, or if you still use a knife, you get more seeds.
  • [Gameplay] You can cut a pumpkin up into slices, meaning you can eat it bit by bit and make it last longer
  • [Gameplay] You can mix water and disinfectant to create a pesticide spray which stops your crops from getting diseased
  • [Gameplay] Using guts and plant material in a barrel creates fertilizer
  • [Gameplay] You can color leather or white clothing (t-shirts or armbands only currently) in a barrel too, you need a coloring object (bark, nails, berries) and the item to color in a barrel of water
  • [Gameplay] You now need a barrel of water to tan pelts, other than that it’s the same – lime and pelt
  • [Gameplay] birch bark can be used to make fireplace
  • [Gameplay] Oak bark / Birch bark + Stick = Hand Drill = Fire currently only works on oak.
  • [Gameplay] cook meat or peppers etc. using ashwood stick (pic)
  • [Gameplay] spawn on Skalisty Island added
  • [Item] 49-slot-Barrel added (pic) (pic)
  • [Item] New firearms / long range optics attachment
  • [Item] Gas canisters have a percentage indicator
  • [Item] Butane Canister added (pic)
  • [Item] Hunting Jacket Autumn (pic)
  • [Item] Hunting Jacket Spring (pic)
  • [Item] Hunting Jacket Summer (pic)
  • [Item] SP-6 rounds added (pic)
  • [Item] 12-gauge slugs are spawning again (pic)
  • [Item] Bolts Quiver is spawning again (pic)
  • [Item] JoeyX sunglasses are spawning again (pic) (worn)
  • [Item] Red 9 Buttstock (pic)
  • [Item] Radio
  • [Map] Starry Sobor evacuation camp added
  • [Map] new stores (pic)
  • [Map] jail-building next to the fire station at NW Airfield replaced with rubble (pic)
  • [Map] Kabanino Redbrick restaurant replaced with Piano house (pic)
  • [Map] Turovo Military jail removed (pic)
  • [System] new Central-Loot-System is back
  • [System] Redistribution of existing infected spawns to high population areas
  • [System] Redesigned Inventory tech
  • [System] Remade Inventory-System
  • [System] Inventory Order (pic)
  • [Weapon] Winchester model 70
  • [Weapon] SVD (pic) (first-person-view)
  • [Weapon] Detachable Longhorn Pistol Scope (pic)
  • [Weapon] Pistol Scope (pic)
  • [Weapon] Longhorn iron sights without Pistol Scope (pic)
  • [Weapon] Red 9 (pic) (in hands) (with iron sights)
  • [Weapon] Izh 18 Rifle (pic)
  • [Weapon] VSS Vintorez (pic)
  • [Weapon] UMP45 (pic)


  • [AI] Bug fixing on Infected Alert SFX
  • [Animation] Bug fixing on Infected movement
  • [Animations] Pumpkins into Hands Bug resolved
  • [Animations] Lower body disappearing after rolling on the ground resolved
  • [Animations] Rubber arms when throwing items resolved
  • [Animations] Animations of “making a garden plot” and “digging tile” missing or just glitching resolved
  • [Animations] Landmine Bug when taken into Hands resolved
  • [Animations] V3S occupant sitting behind the cabin resolved
  • [Characters] Sick status from infected wound incurable resolved
  • [Environment] [Primary Report] – Tree Collisions Obstructing Path Of V3S resolved
  • [Gameplay] many duping-methods fixed
  • [General] Bug causing character to be Starving and Dehydrated upon login resolved
  • [Glitch abuse] Sewing kits making items pristine resolved
  • [Glitch abuse] Suicide animation speeds up search for apples etc. resolved
  • [In game UI] Crosshair disappears, tracks weapon sway resolved
  • [Inventory] Item in Plate Carrier with Pouches and Gun Holster disappears while switching it with another item resolved
  • [Inventory] complete plate carrier – inventory not sortable or move inside resolved
  • [Inventory] Putting Bayonet on M4A1 with improvised silencer resolved
  • [Inventory] Adding holster to platecarrier+pouches removed inventory of vest resolved
  • [Items] Chemlight can be used to ignite fireplace resolved
  • [Items] Chemlight equips like a flashlight resolved
  • [Items] Cannot produce redacted seeds (Cut out seeds) from plants resolved
  • [Items] Failing to light a fireplace due to lack of safety uses up a single match resolved
  • [Items] Invisible fireplace upon relogging resolved
  • [Items] Plate carrier pouches cannot be repaired resolved
  • [Sound] [Primary Report] – Trigger sound of weapons can be heard over 200 meters resolved
  • [Structures] Door cannot be closed resolved
  • [System] Bug fixing on Per-Item-Quantity control (Central Economy)
  • [System] desync improved
  • [System] Spinal fractures fixed
  • [Weapons] Improvised Ashwood Short Bow bugged resolved
  • [Weapons] Crossbow fixed (pic)
  • [Weapons] Blaze is getting quickly ruined resolved
  • [Weapons] Pistol suppressor on CR75 Does not sit in correct spot resolved


  • [Gameplay] Scrolling down a tent
  • [Item] Blue dress – says brown dress (pic)
  • [Item] landmines can’t be set (feedback-report)
  • [System] cannot open object: plants/bush/b_fagussylvatica_1f.p3d (feedback-report) (pic)
  • [System] fences still appear white at times (feedback-report)
  • [System] some desync
  • [System] Hot key icon bug (pic)
  • [System] items stuck in inventory-slot and can’t be moved
  • [System] Item disappearing and appearing back in inventory after some time
  • [System] Memory Crash (fix)
  • [System] 0.56 Exp Server Crashes Also Crashing/Locking Up Your PC
  • [System] clothes-ception (feedback-report)


Confirmed (56.127692):


  • [Bug] Crashing when picking up certain weapons

Source: Reddit Contributors

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