DCS – MiGs VS. Sabers

Registration is now open for DCS’s first online tournamentDCS-World-First-Tournament-MiGs-Versus-Sabers-November-2015: MiGs versus Sabers!

The registration period is open from now until November 12th. The actual event will take place from November 13th to the 22nd and will be followed by a similar event before the end of the year. Naturally, to take part in the contest, you’ll need to own either (or both) the MiG-15bis or the F-86F Sabre. If you don’t have either plane, they are currently 30% off from now until November 16th over at the e-shop.

If you place in the top three during the tournament, you’ll be eligable for one of three prizes:

First Place: $400.00

Second Place: $250.00

Third Place: $150.00

Sign up for the contest, here.

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