DCS World – Oilfield Campaign and More

Eagle Dynamics, the developer behind the combat sim DCS World, is taking a break from fighting with its newest campaign, Mi-8MVT2 Oilfield by Laivynas. Rather than taking to the skies to cause havoc from above, the Oilfield Campaign puts players into the Mi-8MTV2 helicopter for a series of missions as a cargo pilot.  The release of the campaign also coincides with DCS World 1.5.6 Update 3, which includes some minor tweaks and fixes.

Key Features:

  • Based on a real-life helicopter pilot missions
  • 16 full-scale missions
  • Various cargos and mission task situations
  • Landing in a different locations and weather conditions
  • Over 350 scripted radio messages
  • Voice overs for helicopter startup procedures
  • Briefing with flight chart maps
  • Flight charts are included pilot’s kneeboard
  • English and Russian localization – voice overs and subtitles

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Bundles

To play the campaign, you’ll need the Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight module, of course. If you are looking to pick it up, Eagle Dynamics is currently having a 40% off bundle sale. At the moment you can get the Mi-8MTV2 with DCS: Combined Arms for $42.00 USD or the Mi-8MTV2 with the Nevada Test and Training Range Map for $59.99 USD.

While Combined Arms puts you in command of ground forces with flexible playstyle options, including first person armor warfare, RTS style playthroughs, or directing forces from the air, Nevada gives pilots the freedom to explore a vast map and complete various exercises.

World War II Asset Previews

Finally, Eagle Dynamics has also released a couple new previews for some of the new units which will be part of the DCS World War II Asset Pack, currently in development:

Pre-purchasing the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map will get you access to the Assets Pack once both are finally released.

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Cessna Round Ammeter
$30.0 Cessna Round Ammeter picture
Aircraft Ammeter
$18.0 Aircraft Ammeter picture
$721.99 CESSNA 6246-00630 AMMETER picture
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$65.0 Piper PA-34 Amperes Ammeters D-2119-1 (2483)  picture
Piper Aircraft Corp 764-909V Ammeter Cluster Wiring Kit Aviation Airplane Equip
$13.0 Piper Aircraft Corp 764-909V Ammeter Cluster Wiring Kit Aviation Airplane Equip picture

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