Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) – April News Update

DCS-World-April-NewsletterEagle Dynamics, the developers behind Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World), released a newsletter today showing off and discussing some content that will hopefully be making its way into the game later this year. Although plenty DCS news made its way into the newsletter, a surprising amount of DCS World 2 information was teased.

DCS World 2

Recently, the folks over at ED have been working on the AI landing logic, a new multiplayer interface that has features like Favorites and Filters, new smoke effects, better lighting and shadows, a higher resolution ground texture, better terrain graphic performance, the ability to load and work with different maps in the Mission Editor, tweaks and improvements to the User Interface, dedicated server (Yes, that’s a confirmed dedicated server coming!), and a new protection system.

The team announced that they’d release alpha versions of Nevada Test and the Training Range maps once they iron out several more issues. For the Nevada map, they’re working on adding various TACAN and VORTAC stations, improving the mountain textures, improving ground object shadowing, as well as collision detection for ground models. Eagle Dynamics also released a video showing off the urban density that DCS World 2 is able to provide, as well as a video showing off the Black Sea map in DCS World 2:

DCS World 2 Urban Density

DCS World 2 Black Sea Map

DCS Updates

The L-39 Albatros will be the next aircraft module that ED releases into the wild, which can be seen, along with another look at the Black Sea map, here:

The P-47D and Spitfire are also currently in development and making progress towards a final release.

The F/A-18C Hornet saw work mostly focused on the air-to-ground radar, with advancements in the radar technology that is based on radar reflectivity logic.

Along with the new aircraft modules, the Strait of Hormuz map is being worked on when the team isn’t focused on DCS World 2 content. They’ve reported that most of the airfields are placed, but work on meshes and textures is still being done, as well as work on taxi routing, water textures, airbase lighting, ground object placement, navigation aids, and ATC is still needing some work. All-in-all, the map still has a ways to go before final release.

Lastly, Combined Arms 1.5 has seen improvements to user control (external unit movement), intercom messages, and better AI this month. ED promises to show off some of these advancements at a future time.

DCS World April 2015 Newsletter

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