New Europa Universalis IV Screenshots & BF4 Spring Update

Europa-Universalis-IV-Common-Sense-Expansion-New-Screenshots-RevealedEuropa Universalis IV, the popular “grand strategy” game from Paradox Interactive, released 10 new screenshots from its upcoming Common Sense expansion. The new expansion will challenge players to change their ways of thinking when it comes to provincial development, subject states, and parliaments. As such, Paradox Interactive’s newest screenshots shed some light on the content coming into play on June 9th, 2015.

On top of the new content being unlocked with Common Sense, Paradox has also promised to continue their tradition of including free patch updates that continue to balance the core gameplay experience:

  • Meet Charles V
  • New Fort System: No more tiny sieges blanketing every province; forts are rarer and stronger, requiring greater investment of manpower and money
  • Buildings Redone: fewer building types with greater effects to add variety and strategy to your construction plan
  • Major changes to the map: The Low Countries now have more complicated politics, and parts of Italy, Germany and Poland have become more detailed
  • Future Trade Goods: Before you colonize an overseas province, you now have a hint as to what treasures are coming your way
  • Reworked Diplomacy: Always fixing, always changing, always improving

Battlefield 4 Spring Update

The Spring Update, which DICE promised to BF4 players recently, has finally been released, bringing with it new weapons, balancing, Gun Master Mode, and more. Aside from a much welcomed rebalancing of the current weapons available, the developer has added in five new weapons for players to get their hands on:

  • New fan favorite Assault Rifle – The AN94 Picked based on its unique burst gameplay and massive fan desirability.
  • New Carbine – The Groza-1 A unique bullpup carbine of the Groza family, with a built in vertical grip.
  • New PDW – The Groza-4 A unique PDW with built in silencer from the Groza family.
  • New Sidearm – The Mare’s leg Unique long range “sniper” sidearm using magnum rounds.
  • New LMG – The L86A1 Magazine fed LMG, which with the new weapons balance, plays in between a belt-fed LMG and an AR – your “run and gun” LMG.

EA-DICE-Battlefield4-Spring-Patch-Weapon-Reblance-ModelAdditionally, the fan favorite Gun Master Mode introduced in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters has returned. Played like Team Deathmatch, the winner of these matches will be the person who manages to get a kill with each weapon contained in the five preset weapon packs, per match.

  • Standard – This setup contains rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols and ends with the M9 bayonet.
  • Classic – Classic rifles, machine guns, shotguns and pistols ending with a M9 bayonet.
  • Pistol – In this preset you can only use different kinds of pistols, ending with the survival knife.
  • DLC – This mode will let you play with DLC weapons – including the Phantom bow.
  • Troll – Seeing how Gun Master is a “party mode”, we had to make a silly weapon list too! This one starts out with ballistic shields (as weapons) and it’s downhill from there.

For those interested in perusing the long list of changes introduced in the Spring Update, DICE has released a PDF containing an overview of the changes and additions. You can check that out, right here.

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