Naval Action – Final Voting Week For Player Ships

Naval-Action-LogoThis week, April 11th, 2016, marks the final week for players to vote on the Player Ship Select 2016 poll for Naval Action. Those of you familiar with the previous poll winners, such as the Ingermanland and Santisima, will want to make sure and cast your vote this week.

Out of the 15 ships available to vote on only two ships will make the cut based on player votes, and one more ship will be selected by “developer’s wild card.” While the 1730-1790 timeline was the preferred era for the current batch of ships, there are vessels from the 1670-1825 timeline included.

The current list of available ships to vote on, include:

  • Mars (1781, Dutch 18-gun brig)
  • Descubierta (1789, Spanish 16-gun corvette)
  • Christiansborg (1758, Dano-Norwegian 24-gun corvette)
  • Diana (1792, Spanish 32-gun frigate)
  • Freja (1793, Danish 40-gun frigate)
  • Venus (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate)
  • Princesa Real (1819, Portugese 50-gun frigate)Naval-Action-Ingermanland-Side
  • Dordrecht (1739, Dutch 54-gun ship)
  • Wasa (1778, Swedish 60-gun ship)
  • Wenden (1706, Dano-Norwegian 70-gun ship)
  • Prinds Christian Frederik (1804, Dano-Norwegian 66-gun ship)
  • Vrijheid (1783, Dutch 74-gun ship)
  • Admiraal de Ruyter (1808, Dutch 80-gun ship)
  • Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship)
  • Unnamed (1700-1750, Venetian 22-gun corvette)

Patch 9.68 and New Ships

The most recent patch has also introduced two new ships: Le Gros Ventre and Ingermanland. The Gros Ventre is a 20-cannon Merchantman that be crafted through either the Renommees or the Belle Poules. While the Ingermanland is a beastly 62-cannon carrying 3rd Rate Russian Ship of the Line; it’s recipe can be obtained via crafting Frigates.

The patch also fixed a couple outstanding bugs:Naval-Action-Gros-Ventre-Side

  • Battle spawns fixed – joining ships no longer can spawn closer or even ahead of you if you are being attacked.
  • AI marines fixed – they gave no bonuses to the AI ship causing easy wins in boarding

As well as tweaked the following gameplay elements:

  • Crew requirements slightly reduced for frigates and higher
  • Cannon crew requirements slightly reduced as well
  • Light ship planking integrity increased for all vessels up to a brig
  • Surprise speed slightly increased
  • Frigate speed slightly increased

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