Order of Battle: Pacific – Coming April 30th to PC

Order-of-Battle-Pacific-Sliterine-Group-Software-PC-Release-April-SpecilisationsSlitherine Group, the popular tabletop and video game creators, known for their wargames, have announced today that Order of Battle: Pacific will be coming to PC and Steam on April 30th, 2015. Set during the always popular, and always dramatic, World War II era, Order of Battle: Pacific “features playable campaigns for both the US-led Allies and the Japanese Empire.” The game features over 500 unique units, a system of specializations that give players the ability to customize their playstyle and forces, the ability to unlock special Commanders to further augment player’s strategies, an intuitive in-game scenario editor, and a four player multiplayer system.

Order of Battle: Pacific

Order-of-Battle-Pacific-Sliterine-Group-Software-PC-Release-April-Overworld-ViewThe Pacific Ocean: more than 160 million square kilometers of water. December 1941 – On one side the Imperial Japanese Navy with more than 400 ships and 1750 planes. On the other, the US Pacific Fleet with more than 200 vessels and hundreds of planes. An intense and merciless hide and seek game is about to start on the world’s largest ocean!

In Order of Battle: Pacific, players will be able to take command of both nations in a dynamic series of campaigns for supremacy in this strategic Theater of Operations. Iconic battles will be featured, but the performance of the players will directly influence the course of each campaign. Only commanders who know how to effectively combine land, air and naval units will have the chance to plant their flag on the multiple Pacific Islands.

Order-of-Battle-Pacific-Sliterine-Group-Software-PC-Release-April-GameplayOrder of Battle: Pacific has now an official release date, as the game will be available on April 30!Developer The Artistocrats are now working on the final details to ensure a safe and successful ceremonial ship launching, later this month.

In the meantime, the official trailer of the game, introducing the Theater of Operations and some of its iconic units has just been released alongside the official Steam page.

Get more information on Order of Battle: Pacific from its official product page.

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